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Where is Tufina Watches located?

Tufina & Son which operates, runs, and owns  Theorema  and  Pionier  German brands, is located in  Oberhaching near  Munich, Germany. Our watches were initially coming from the famous city of Pforzheim, Germany. Today, the company has a spacious, many room workshop in Oberhaching near Munich. We are known for producing hand-designed and hand-assembled mechanical skeleton men’s and women's watches.  Our brand  itself has a long history which dates back to 1828. Run by our family of independent watchmakers, we have kept our tradition alive to this day and now, we are able to offer some fine limited edition German watches.

Mr. Z working on Tufina Watches manufacturing in their company location in Germany.

Overview of the brand

German watches are highly praised for their excellence, exactness, and practical designs. Our Tufina watches present a range of options for those who want a quality German watch without going broke. Each piece is hand-designed and carefully put together by experienced watchmakers, representing the hard work, meticulousness, and dedication that goes into the making of each watch. Combining functionality and appearance, these solid luxury watches are a worthwhile expense.

Best known for hand-assembled mechanical watches

Our brand is known for producing  luxury mechanical watches  which feature movements made in-house. Initially, we drew inspiration from traditional pocket watches and table clocks. Attracted by their striking designs and eye-catching appearance, we strive to deliver extravagant watches for those who demand accessories that stand out. Blending a classic aesthetic with contemporary elements, we proudly offer some fine timeless watches in the market. 

Our craftsmen utilize refined and technological techniques to produce our timepieces. From skeleton compositions to multi-tone dial watches, the final product always displays a complex watchmaking process. Our products target a wide audience, attracting gentlemen from all areas of life. Perfect for casual wear, business attire, and luxury outfits, these fancy timepieces can compliment any look.

Photo of a Tufina Watch with a brown leather strap, and skeleton face with a beautiful gold color.

Large and bold men’s watches

Tufina’s timepieces usually come in large sizes. They are available in different case sizes starting from 41mm up to 44mm. As such, these bold watches can easily stand out as a staple component of any outfit. Moreover, their striking designs are made to attract attention. Sometimes, the elegant skeleton compositions are what impress people the most, as the moving mechanisms create an alluring display. Many models come with  open front  and  back   arrangements or engraved dials for a sophisticated and confident look. From tourbillon movements, to mechanical and automatic, chronograph and calendar, we offer it all.

Basel Tourbillon Pionier by Tufina Watches

Made in limited stock

One of our core values is our emphasis on quality over quantity. We apply a process of manufacturing and hand-assembly which encompasses a long and complex routine. As such, we choose to deliver timepieces made in limited supply. Striving away from mass-production and meaningless consumerism, we take pride in the time, effort and energy that is invested in the production of each and every watch. Moreover, some of our most intricate designs sometimes require additional hours of continuous work, such as in the case of multi-color dials or hand-engraved faces. Ultimately, our brand brings forward some unique artisanal values of watchmaking. 

World's most beautiful gold watch for women.

Women’s timepieces

Although heavily involved in the men’s watch market, Tufina delivers two models for  ladies’s watches. These high-quality timepieces showcase beautiful Swarovski diamond designs. Our aim was to establish a connection between mechanical timepieces and the market targeted for women. We believe we’ve successfully done so with our best-selling  Lady Butterfly  and  Madame Butterfly.


Our history began with Ismail Tufina who installed the first mechanism of the   Clock Tower in Tirana.  Our family became famous for making some of the finest tower clocks, long case clocks, and pocket watches in the 1800s. In the subsequent decades, our company flourished while adhering to the best European watchmaking standards. At present, our brand has become well-known for being a go to luxury watchmaker from Germany with brands such as Theorema and Pionier. A short story about our grandfather can be read  here

Our family’s history counts 35 watchmakers - all of whom represented generations of passionate and hard-working people. During the past century, our business partnered with some of the most respected watch companies in Europe, making Tufina a reliable independent watchmaker in Germany. Keeping in mind the values of watchmaking passed down by our predecessors, our company successfully blends our family's enthusiasm for horology with the German tradition of watchmaking.

Historical Photo of first Tufina watchmakers since 1800s in black and white.

Launched and licensed in Munich

In the year 2004, Mr. Enis Tufina registered and was granted two licenses in Germany to establish our two signature brands -  Theorema and  Pionier. Our watches are all designed in Munich, Germany and are then individually assembled by proficient watchmakers who guarantee the high levels of quality, authenticity, and sturdiness. These timepieces are some of the finest, special edition wristwatches available today, and they come with a two-year warranty. Reasonably priced, there is a watch for every budget and taste.

Our manufacturing process


Our workshop is located inOberhaching near   Munich and is renowned for its craftsmanship and quality products. Our watchmakers, who work diligently in our Oberhaching facility, bring to life an array of mechanical and automatic German watches every year. Our in-house design, production, assembly and packaging process ensures that each of our watches meets the highest standards of manufacturing. We take pride in our timepieces and strive to produce elite accessories for our customers.


Our designers will first craft the contours and components of the internal and external architecture of a new watch. This involves a thorough assessment of the initial drafts. Our watchmakers contribute their unique ideas to make these watches as special as possible. Then, they are skillfully put together by hand. Our methodical process entails a significant amount of time in the brainstorming, creating, designing, and examining stages. Every watch is subjected to 4 testing rounds, with the whole process taking between 8 months and a year to attain perfection.

Tufina watchmaker specialist working in their factory in Germany.

In-house Movements

Instead of relying on battery power, Tufina watches run on kinetic energy. The wearer must manually wind the timepiece or move their wrist to keep it going. In this way, it's the user's responsibility to ensure that the watch continues to work properly. The wearer and the watch become intertwined as the timepiece becomes almost a part of its owner. The  ruby jewels in the watch  eliminate the friction between the intricate metal components, preserving energy and making our timepieces precise and durable. The balance wheel and balance-spring ensure stability and accuracy. 

Ourmodern mechanical wristwatch movements are 4 Hz, or 28,800 VPH (vibration per hour). A timepiece ticking at 4Hz makes 4 oscillations per second, or 8 semi-oscillations (vibrations) per second. Let’s do the math: 60 seconds in a minute, meaning that the watch would tick at 480 semi-oscillations per minute. Multiplying the 480 vibrations per minute by the 60 minutes in an hour gives 28,800 VPH number. 

Tirona Chronograph Watch

Recently, we have put out a series of battery watches which deliver enhanced accuracy and require low upkeep. These economical top-tier timepieces have fewer moving components than mechanical watches. This decreases the number of parts which would need to be repaired in case something breaks down. A battery watch can be a long-lasting and highly functional accessory for years to come. Just don’t forget to change the battery on time.

Elite Packaging

After the manufacturing process for each timepiece is completed, they are put in a double boxed secured packaging with an inside cushion and a sliding thick cover box. This luxury packaging is designed to protect our and your investment. When our customers open the box, they will find an engraved envelope with a greeting card and a short explanation about our business. The envelope will also include a booklet, warranty card, and (if applicable) certification for the diamonds found in our watches. We have put together this well-thought package to show our utmost appreciation for our customer base. 

Tufina watches luxury packaging from their Pionier model.

Worldwide market

We have an official online retailer which distributes timepieces in several countries throughout Europe and the United States. In January 2016, we extended our marketing activities to Chicago, in order to better serve our American customer base. With three physical shops already established in Tirana International Airport, Downtown Tirana Bllok, Toptani Center, and Galeria Shopping Mall Prizren. We are now working on expanding in the United Arab Emirates. 

Photo of Tufina Watches local store.

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