Open Back Watch
Open Back Watch
The ability to see the inner workings of a chosen device sets skeleton watches apart from any other watch type. 
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        Open Back Watches

        Tufina is a brand powered by passion, innovation and creativity. With a legacy dating back to 1828, Tufina has been the proud representation of the hard work and dedication of eight generations of skilled craftsmen and artisans. Based on the German principles of watchmaking, Tufina manifests the core values of art and German mastery. In 2004, Tufina launched and licensed its two representative collections - Pionier and Theorema - delivering the premium quality timepieces of exceptional designs.

        Luxury Open Back Watches for Men

        One of the most outstanding innovations in watchmaking is the exhibition caseback watch. For any true art admirer, the intricate movements of a timepiece are a sight to behold. Tufina’s open back watches for men beautifully display the precision and delicacy of these visible gears. Showcasing the majesty of such fine mechanisms, a clear back watch from Tufina is an incredible choice for the gentleman who appreciates elegant details. 

        Considered by many as the pinnacle of meticulous watchmaking, display back watches from Tufina come in a variety of designs and color schemes. Macau, Casablanca, Sahara, Copacabana, Newton and Geneva Tourbillon are just a few of the gorgeous timepieces from Tufina which represent detailed compositions and precise inner elements, creating a fascinating experience for anyone who takes a look at these accessories.

        Transparent back watches: A true art show!

        Not all movements are created equal. Our exhibition display watches depict a beautiful show of fine mechanisms working in unison to breathe life into these timepieces. Any watch admirer or collector can recognize and appreciate the beauty of a skillfully composed clear back watch. 

        With magnificent finishings and accurate movements framed by a sapphire crystal lens, the inner workings of our open back watches are truly a compilation that demands to be admired. Oozing of beauty, confidence and elegance, these luxury timepieces are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd with a unique look.

        Handmade in Germany

        Tufina Luxury Men’s Watches guarantee longevity, durability and excellent accuracy. Carefully handcrafted and hand assembled in Munich, these valuable pieces make for an investment of a lifetime. In complete accordance with the German standards of manufacturing, these made-in-Germany watches ensure authenticity. 

        If you’re looking for a long-lasting accessory that will become part of your identity, a clear back watch from Tufina is an ideal choice. With an array of different arrangements, sleek mechanisms and a wide selection of watches, anyone is sure to find a timepiece that perfectly suits their style and needs.

        Our Promise to You

        We believe that combining value with creativity is the key to delivering timepieces loved by all. Made for those who demand premium value accessories, our see-through caseback watches are crafted and designed with passion and dedication. Using pristine materials and components, our watches embody every quality of a high-end piece made with great attention to detail. Explore our handcrafted wristwatches and you’re guaranteed to find an accessory that speaks of glamor, luxury and style.