Tufina Pionier Havana, German calendar gold plated watch for men with a blue dial, open heart window and a brown leather band

What You Should Know About 5 Micron Gold-Plated Watches

Gold has been used as an ornamental material for as long as we can remember. It even has religious and cultural importance in some civilizations. Gold jewelry was a common way for royalty to flaunt their wealth and social standing. And even now, people would offer golden items to one another as a show of appreciation and love. Given that gold is often associated with wealth and luxury, it seems sense that so many people aspire to own pieces of jewelry made of it. 

In actuality, though, the price of buying accessories made of solid gold seems a little excessive. Not all people who value style and quality can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a single timepiece, nor do they intend to. That's the situation with gold-plated timepieces. Gold-plated watches are a popular production option for luxury watch makers because they offer all the practical and decorative advantages of genuine gold without the high cost. We'll explain why  5 micron gold-plated watches  are the greatest option if you've been considering purchasing one but are unsure where to begin.

Tufina Theorema Oman, 5 micron gold plated watch for men with a mechanical movement, skeleton dial, two-colored white and gold hands and a brown leather band

Tufina Theorema Oman GM-108-3 Gold.

How is gold plating thickness measured?

While most people associate gold plating with dipping your watch into a pail of gold, there is a precise scientific measurement involved in the process. These measures are used by luxury watch makers to distinguish between high-end and low-end plating. There are two primary plating categories that you ought to be aware of. Both flash plating and micron plating are available. Because the layer of gold is so thin, flash plating only allows for a temporary recoloring. As a result, flash-plated timepieces will not last long and their gold hue will undoubtedly fade shortly. 

However, the term "micron plating" describes a method of gold plating in which the thickness of the gold layer is expressed in microns. Any plating greater than one micron is generally considered to be good. But remember that timepieces are not the same as other kinds of jewelry. We advise you to buy timepieces with 5 micron gold plating, even though 1-2 microns might be a reasonable number for earrings. This guarantees that your watch casing and/or bracelet have received a sufficient layer of gold application. Thus, you can be confident that your 5 micron gold-plated watch will continue to look beautiful for many years to come, even with regular use (as long as you follow the recommended maintenance procedures).

Tufina Theorema Rio, gold plated watch for men with a skeleton dial, thin black and white hands and a brown leather band

Tufina Theorema Rio GM-107-3 Gold.

How long will 5 micron gold plating last?

Numerous factors affect how long your gold plating will last. First off, 5 micron gold plating is highly resilient and long-lasting according to its technological characteristics. These gold-plated watches have a higher gold content and, if constructed properly, are sure to hold their color, brightness, and gloss for a very long time. Furthermore, because gold has exceptional anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion qualities, 5 micron gold plated watches can endure for many years and still look stunning with proper care. 

Your lifestyle is the second significant aspect that impacts the longevity of your gold plating. The plating on an office worker's watch will not move at all if he spends his entire workday at a computer desk without performing any physical exertion. However, if a mechanic or construction worker doesn't take off their watch while working, their gold plating will soon show signs of wear. Those who follow special cleaning and maintenance guidelines and make sure to clean their gold-plated timepiece on a regular basis end up very satisfied with the longevity of their gold plated timepieces. Five micron gold plated watches are guaranteed to last for decades with the right care, frequent cleaning with a gentle cloth, and cautious use!

How to take care of your 5 micron gold plated watch?

Your gold-plated watches will last you a very long time if you give them the proper upkeep and care. Congratulations if you recently purchased your first watch with a 5 micron gold plating! You'll adore donning a watch this exquisite. To ensure that your gold-plated watch remains in top shape, pay attention to the following advice:

  • When cleaning, cooking, taking a shower, or performing other taxing tasks, remove your watch.
  • Keep your watch clear of cleaning products and detergents.
  • Keep chlorine-containing water away from your watch.
  • Use a soft towel to gently wipe your watch after a day of use.
  • Keep your watch, in its box or on a watch winder, in a suitable place.

Our top 3 gold plated watch recommendations

Tufina Theorema St. Petersburg, gold plated watch for men with a square case, skeletonized dial and hands, brown leather band

Tufina Theorema St. Petersburg GM-121-3 Gold.

St. Petersburg Theorema GM-121-4

This watch not only has a 5 micron gold plating, but it also comes with a multitude of functionalities. A handmade  automatic watch  that works at 21,600 VPH. The automatic movement is safe-guarded by an Incabloc-type shock protection system. The movement can be viewed through the skeletonized dial composition, which is paired with skeleton double-colored hands. The square case is made of high-grade stainless steel 316L and it is carefully covered in 5 microns of gold. It guarantees superb shine and luster and a rich golden color that beautifully compliments the brown leather band. The polished finish creates a mirror-like, shiny look.

Tufina Pionier Havana, German gold plated watch for men with a blue dial, full calendar function, open heart window and a brown leather band

Tufina Pionier Havana P7001-3 Gold.

Havana Pionier P7001-3

Another automatic watch, this time Havana offers a full  calendar function. A bold watch with a gorgeous blue dial. The open back composition allows for a satisfying display of the working mechanisms. This fancy timepiece is constructed of top-tier stainless steel 316L covered in 5 micron gold plating as well. The gold, blue and brown color scheme is a true eye-catcher!  Super finish and an amazing shine, Havana is an excellent pick for stylish men who love gold watches. 

Tufina Theorema Casablanca, German gold plated watch for men with a skeleton engraved dial, Roman numerals, sword two-colored hands and a metal bracelet

Tufina Theorema Casablanca GM-101-8 Gold.

Casablanca Theorema GM-101-8 

Our last pick would be a  mechanical timepiece. Few things are classier than mechanical gold watches. A truly wonderful option for gentlemen who want to achieve a timeless look. Casablanca showcases an intricate skeleton dial encapsulated inside a stainless steel 316L case with 5 micron gold plating. This limited edition design makes use of photoluminescent hands as well. Moreover, this particular model comes with a bracelet, creating a monochrome gold aesthetic that is perfect for special occasions.

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