Calendar Watch
Calendar Watch
When you learn to value and respect time, you are more responsible with it, which is an important life principle. A calendar watch is an integral part of your every day. 
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        Trusting Tufina 

        By a well-known family of watchmakers, the brand was founded in 1828 and has created a legacy spanning eight generations of skilled and passionate watchmakers. Today, Tufina is a leading company known for offering the highest quality hand-designed luxury men's watches, including a beautifully designed calendar watch. Our two representative brands, Theorema and Pionier, are trademarked Germany. Symbols of exceptional value, luxury and accuracy. 

        Luxury Calendar Watches For Men

        Our watchmakers have mastered the art of calendar watchmaking, creating sophisticated but also practical timepieces. Tufina calendar watches indicate all important calendar details including the date, the day and the month, featuring beautiful compositions and fine details, maintaining visual harmony on the face of the watch, despite the multiple displays.

        The calendar movements of our luxury men’s watches have been carefully manufactured and assembled, creating a variety of calendar watches, from modern and sleek timepieces to classical elegant wristwatches. The combination of different color schemes and premium components presents an authentic look with balanced and holistic designs.

        Calendar watch - Compelling Designs

        Our calendar watches have actually carved a very distinctive niche for themselves. Our Tufina watches appeal to a modern sensibility, but with distinctive links to classic masterful timepieces, having drawn inspiration from traditional pocket watches. With an array of color combinations and models, you can find a calendar watch featuring a gorgeous white, gold, black, silver, rose or blue finish, adding a mesmerizing glint and gloss to its dial. The nuanced detailing on the dials as well as the fact that the hours and days can be seen through the shining coated sapphire crystal case makes these calendar watches compelling and extremely attractive.

        High Standards Watchmaking

        Tufina offers quality hand-assembled luxury men's watches that guarantee durability and an authentic aesthetic. Each watch is made according to modern watchmaking standards and never mass producing. Everything is carefully hand-assembled by our skilled watchmakers. If you are looking for a men's calendar watch that guarantees absolute high standards, maximum functionality and exclusive materials, these luxury men's watches are perfect for those who appreciate true watchmaking art. 

        Stylish, finely-detailed and carefully designed, a Tufina calendar watch is perfect for the gentleman who values practicality, comfort, luxury, and style. A perfect addition to any men's wardrobe. Tufina luxury men's watches exude an aura of confidence and glamor, and considering their exceptional value, these timepieces make a great investment that will last you a lifetime. With a wide range of designs and features, you're sure to find the ideal calendar watch for a sophisticated and luxurious look.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we believe in providing the highest quality hand-designed watches. Our mission is to provide carefully planned and designed luxury men's watches that reflect the two-centuries-old tradition of Tufina’s craftsmanship. All our watches are made from quality and modern materials in full compliance with manufacturing standards. Our values speak of integrity, sophistication, and hard work. Indubitably, we are dedicated to delivering the best of the best. Explore our authentic calendar watches for men and you're sure to find a model that perfectly matches your style, ideas, and fashion sense.