Besides our ambitions in watchmaking, we also write and publish our own blog posts. They are full of insights, tips, and lots of secrets in the world of watchmaking.

Swiss Versus German Watch: Which is Best?

The German watch movements differ from Swiss watches as the watchmakers use German silver. It has a softer sheen than rhodium-plated brass....

Why Do Men Love Watches?

Thanks to technology, most of us always have the time in our pockets as we carry around our smartphones. And...

A watch will never go out of style

A lot of magazines say that a man buys a watch because it is convenient. Yes, that is true, but...

Why do people wear watches on the left hand?

The real answer is because of the dominant hand. What we know as wristwatches first began to become popular around the...

21,600 vibrations per hour - Fantastic!

The Madrid is a beautiful watch with a strong heart in other words 21,600 vibration per hour. 

What are the pros of a Tufina mechanical watch?

The smooth tactile process of manually winding the watch and seeing the inner work movement getting power reserve because of...

Why are we offering a Spring Sale 2018?

Tufina proudly retails them without spiking the price; thus being one of the most valuable partners to the Germans. And...

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