In this article, we offer suggestions for those who have a passion for watches or enjoy collecting them. Whether you are looking to surprise an avid collector who seems to already own everything or if you are thinking of getting them a brand watch that’s missing from their collection, we have got you covered with gift ideas that will still impress them. These gifts are guaranteed to bring joy to their hearts and make them feel special.

This is a watch from Tufina's Pionier collection, Geneva Tourbillon GM-902-6 - an automatic co-axial tourbillon watch with an open-back composition, sun and moon phase compilation, 12 diamonds, white dial and a genuine blue leather band.

Tufina Pionier Geneva Tourbillon GM-902-6.

A Fancy Tourbillon

If you are contemplating purchasing a high-end timepiece as a present for a loved one, opt for a tourbillon watch that will reflect their unique character, style, and individuality, as well as potentially align with their hobbies and interests. A watch equipped with a tourbillon mechanism is especially suited for individuals who cherish every moment of both their professional and leisure activities. Consider the  Geneva Tourbillon  model from our collection; it has consistently been one of our top-selling co-axial tourbillon watches. Its dial is adorned with 12 exquisite diamonds, appealing to those inclined towards elegance and luxury. The inclusion of sun and moon phase complications further enhances its allure, making it an exceptional choice admired by all who lay eyes upon it.

A New Strap

After wearing a favored watch for a substantial amount of time, it may begin to lose its appeal. However, you can assist in revitalizing their style and providing the sensation of owning an entirely new timepiece by gifting them with a fresh strap. There is an expansive range of top-notch straps available online, ranging from a minimalistic tan Italian leather strap with beige stitching to a vibrant and playful green rubber strap suitable for active individuals. The act of changing the band has the ability to completely transform the feel of a watch, something that any collector will certainly value.

This is the cover the book "All in Good Time - Reflections of a Watchmaker" by Dr. George Daniels.

“All in Good Time – Reflections of a Watchmaker” by Dr. George Daniels.

A Book By George Daniels 

For watch enthusiasts intrigued by the origins of watchmaking and the individuals shaping this industry, a highly recommended read is “All in Good Time – Reflections of a Watchmaker”' by Dr. George Daniels. Esteemed as one of the Twentieth Century's most significant watchmakers, Dr. Daniels revolutionized the craft with his invention of the  Co-Axial escapement  - an extraordinary milestone in horology. Delving into his captivating life story, this book offers profound insights into his character and persona. It can be easily found online in hardcover format, catering to those seeking a deeper understanding of both horological history and the remarkable figures who contributed to its evolution.

This is a watch from Tufina's Theorema collection, Venezia GM-118-3 - a mechanical watch with a fully skeleton engraved dial, open back composition, and a genuine leather band with a fish skin pattern.

Tufina Theorema Venezia GM-118-3.

A Skeleton Timepiece

An engraved skeleton watch with roman numerals and a cut out dial that allows the working movement to be seen makes for the perfect gift for any occasion.  Venezia  is one of our prime examples. A completely see-through  skeleton timepiece  with a mechanical movement with 17 jewels. Paired with a sapphire coated lens and a genuine leather band designed in a fish pattern, this attractive watch is a safe gift choice for any watch enthusiast. 

A Watch Roll

For those who have a passion for timepieces and also love to travel around a lot, a watch roll can be extremely useful. It provides a convenient and secure way to store and transport their favorite timepieces while on the go. Convoy's buttery-smooth leather watch roll is particularly appealing. Made from Italian leather, it is meticulously crafted with triple-stitching to ensure durability. This elegant roll has the capacity to hold up to four watches, as well as an additional compartment for storing extra bands and tools. Whether they are jet-setting or embarking on other exciting adventures, this watch roll will keep their cherished timepieces safe and organized in style.

This is a picture of the Convoy Italian Leather Watch Roll.

Convoy Italian Leather Watch Roll.

An Automatic Winder

A watch winder is specifically designed for automatic watches. Automatic watches derive their power from the wearer's wrist movement and convert it into energy to keep the mainspring wound. When an  automatic watch  is left unused in a drawer, it ceases to function. A watch winder can ensure that the watch remains accurate by gently moving it. This makes it an excellent gift for individuals who are too busy to perform this task manually. Moreover, having a watch winder provides them with an opportunity to add another automatic timepiece to their collection while ensuring that both watches remain safe and operational at all times.

A Chronograph Watch

Ideal for any man in your life, the  Tirona Chronograph  Watch is a stunning gift that can withstand everyday use. Whether you're presenting it to your groomsmen, giving it as an anniversary keepsake, or  gifting it for Father's Day, this versatile timepiece is guaranteed to bring joy and create lasting memories. With its three-dial face and scratch-proof design, this watch not only looks great but also offers practical features like a calendar function. Made from top-tier stainless steel and packaged in a premium Pionier box, it's ready to be shipped directly to your loved one. This is the type of gift that will easily steal their heart and stand the test of time.

This is a watch from Tufina's Pionier collection, Tirona Chronograph GM-550-3 - a chronograph watch with an in-house quartz movement, date calendar feature, 5 ATM water resistance and a genuine leather band.

Tufina Pionier Tirona Chronograph GM-550-3.

The Loupe System Model 01 Lens

For the avid collectors out there, the Loupe System Model 01 Lens is a gift that will truly be treasured. This special lens allows them to delve into the intricate details of their timepieces, getting an up-close and personal view of all the fascinating complications they adore. Whether they're examining their own collection or exploring others', this lens by Loupe is top-notch and cutting-edge. It's equipped with a carbon-fiber grip for sturdy handling, five optical glass elements that are multi-coated to ensure crystal-clear viewing, and even a UV light feature to illuminate every minute detail. Your watch-loving loved one will surely appreciate this exceptional tool in their arsenal.

Berd Vay’e Watch Parts Sculpture

Berd Vay’e has gained popularity among watch enthusiasts for its unique approach to horological sculpture. These distinctive pieces are made from clear cast resin and feature a wide array of vintage watch components. In addition to the Horosphere showcased here, Berd Vay’e also offers skull-shaped sculptures, chess pieces, and even flat panels that can be mounted on walls. For those seeking a truly specialized piece, it is even possible to request a commission that exclusively incorporates parts from a specific watch brand; however, this customization comes at an additional cost. Berd Vay’e has established itself as a favorite in the industry due to its innovative use of materials and attention to detail in creating these one-of-a-kind artworks.

This is a photo of Berd Vay'e Horosphere sculpture.

Berd Vay'e Horosphere.


We hope this guide has been useful in your quest to find that perfect gift for your special person who happens to be a watch lover. One would think that watch enthusiasts already have all the timepieces they desire in their collection, however, that is often not the case. There are endless possibilities in the watch market, so you are sure to find an intriguing timepiece that is missing from their collection. Let’s not forget that you can always opt for a watch accessory as well! All being said, we are happy to have presented you with some valuable options and ideas. Check out our watch collections if you’re interested in discovering more!

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