Besides our ambitions in watchmaking, we also write and publish our own blog posts. They are full of insights, tips, and lots of secrets in the world of watchmaking.

What Is a Moon Phase Watch and How Does It Work?

A moon phase complication is a popular feature on wristwatches. Learn how a moon phase watch works and find the...

5 Best Theorema Watches to Buy in 2021

Theorema has a stunning collection of mechanical timepieces. Here are the top 5 Theorema watches to buy in 2021. 

4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Skeleton Watch

Skeleton watches are an excellent option if you plan to buy a mechanical watch. But consider these factors while making...

Swiss Versus German Watch: Which is Best?

The German watch movements differ from Swiss watches as the watchmakers use German silver. It has a softer sheen than rhodium-plated brass....

How Do You Select a Good Watch?

Selecting a good watch requires patience and some know-how. German watches are known to be classic pieces, and learning about...

I am obsessed with my Tufina watch. (Customer Review)

Absolutely a great feeling when something I purchased with my hard earned money gets noticed by people that do matter...

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