What Is a Moon Phase Watch and How Does It Work?

What Is a Moon Phase Watch and How Does It Work?

In ancient times, people tracked time using the sun, moon, and stars. The moon has a close relationship with the earth, even influencing the rising and lowering of the tides. People have been looking up at the moon and tracking it as it waxes and wanes for centuries. One way people can do this in modern times is with a moon phase watch. Moon phase watches are an engineering marvel that lets you track the lunar cycle on your wrist. Let’s explore what a moon phase watch is, how it works, and which best moon phase watches are the best. 

What Is a Moon Phase Watch?

Moon phase watches come with a moon phase display that tracks the lunar cycle using an aperture on the dial. The luminous portion is visible on the aperture, and you can see the current status of the lunar journey from your watch. There are two types of moon phase watches: bosom and radial. A bosom moon phase watch uses a graphical approach, and a radial moon phase watch uses a hand to show the phases. 

How Does a Moon Phase Watch Work?

Patek Philippe introduced the moon phase complication in 1925, followed by Rolex in 1949. Two identical moons are placed on a disc, and a mechanical finger is used to move the disc one notch every 24 hours with the help of a 59-tooth driving wheel. You need to manually adjust the watch once every three years to track the moon phase accurately. However, luxury watches sometimes have a 135-tooth driving wheel that requires adjustment only after 122 years. 

Tufina’s Best Moon Phase Watches 

Tufina has a wide range of moon phase watches that are well-known for their craftsmanship. Let’s look at a few of them. 

Zurich Tourbillon: This handmadeGerman watchcomes with a high-end tourbillon and moon phase display that will fascinate the user. You can buy this elegant timepiece for $4,990. It uses in-house mechanic 20 jewels movement and is made of stainless steel. 

Chicago Pionier: The ChicagoPionier Watchis a handmade watch by German watchmakers. It comes with a radial moon phase complication that uses a hand to indicate the moon’s movements. You can buy this watch for $369. 

Hawaii Pionier: Modern and casual with a versatile and ruggedly sophisticated look. It’s an excellent watch that comes with a full calendar, bosom moon phase complication, and automatic movement with genuine leather. You can buy this watch for $695. 

Kingston Theorema Automatic: It’s a sophisticated watch that comes with striking design and quality. You can track the date, day, sun, and moon on this watch. It uses automatic movement with 35 jewels, and you can buy this timepiece for $950. 

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