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        Tufina: Dedicated to Excellence

        In the world of watchmaking, some of the most well-liked timepieces are super luminova hands watches. We proudly offer an exquisite selection of the most magnificent luminous watch models. These wrist watches are equipped with superb Super-LumiNova hands, casings with flawless finishing, and in-house movements, ensuring premium quality and a distinctive look. Choose the ideal watch for you by browsing our selection of handmade Super-LumiNova watches for men.

        High-Quality Super-LumiNova Watches

        Crafted with high precision, many of our watches feature hands adorned with a special Swiss Super-LumiNova material, known for its eco-friendly benefits and amazing luminescence. Activated effortlessly by artificial or natural sunlight, these hands undergo a "charging" process when exposed to light, ensuring a brilliant glow that persists for hours in darkness. Beyond the practicality, the luminosity adds a captivating visual allure to our watches.

        Meticulously assembled by our skilled watchmakers, our Super-LumiNova watches not only captivate with their aesthetics but also promise enduring quality. Utilizing a top-tier Super-LumiNova material, we have maximized both the intensity and duration of the luminescent glow in the hands. These lavish timepieces are designed to make a lasting impression, always assisting you even in dimly lit surroundings.

        Luxury Super-LumiNova Watches from Tufina

        Our collection of watches with Super-LumiNova hands is a must-have for aficionados of fine timepieces. Beyond their captivating style and elegance, these watches provide a myriad of advantages that establish them as essential additions to any wardrobe. Firstly, they ensure legibility in the dark, adding a tremendous practical value to your timepiece. Using premium materials, we can guarantee that our luminous watches can retain their glow for years and years.

        Moreover,  Super-LumiNova watches present an unmatched level of intricacy. This luminescent material can be skillfully applied to the hands, bezel, or indices, contributing to a cohesive aesthetic and infusing a touch of sophistication into the overall design. Lightweight compositions and authentic designs make our luxury Super-LumiNova watches an optimal blend of utility and comfort. 

        If you are looking for a mechanical watch with Super Luminova hands, check out our popular Zürich tourbillon collection by Theorema Germany. Alternatively, consider Milano Pioner for an elite automatic. For a classic everyday watch, Casablanca is one of our best-sellers. Photoluminescent hands combined with large Roman numerals guarantee easier legibility and a fantastic look.

        Made-in-Germany Super-LumiNova Watches

        Tufina's SuperLuminova timepieces are made in compliance with EU regulations and requirements. These watches are a true representation of finest watchmaking and demonstrate its superior quality. The hands are made of the highest quality Super Luminova, which ensures their long lifespan and distinctiveness. Every component is meticulously assembled with genuine materials. Some of the best skills are on display in these immaculate timepieces! Choose an accessory that is visually stunning and of unparalleled quality to elevate the appearance of any ensemble.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we just love bringing you the absolute best in luxury timepieces! Our watches don't just look fantastic – they're crafted with precision, meeting all manufacturing regulations. We're all about offering our clients amazing hand-assembled Super-LumiNova watches that really capture our passion for top-notch watchmaking and vibrant aesthetics. And guess what? All our luxury timepieces come with a 2-year international warranty card. For the refined gentleman with an appreciation for fashion and style, our extensive collection offers a tailored selection to suit all individual preferences.