Roman numeral watch
Roman numeral watch
Roman numeral watches are the epitome of luxury and modern style. These watches are perfect for men who want to make a fashion statement and add a touch of class to their look.
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        Tufina: Unique designs and ultimate precision

        Watches with Roman numerals often boast traditional styling. Tufina has an extensive range of models for those who are searching for a luxurious Roman numeral watch. From skeletal compositions, stripped-down designs, or arrangements with an array of intricate features, there is no shortage of options. If you are in the hunt for a wristwatch that has a special assortment of Roman numerals, our Theorema and Pionier brands are guaranteed to have your perfect timepiece. With an elegant polish, these Roman numeral watches are sure to please the finest taste.

        Luxury Roman numeral watch for men

        For gentlemen who desire a classic appearance, a Roman numeral watch is the ideal addition to their wardrobe. These numerals have been incorporated into pocket watches and wall clocks for ages. Nowadays, Roman numeral watches offer a blending of traditional elements with modern styles. We supply a wide selection of timepieces for those who want an exclusive Roman numeral watch.

        Our selection of Roman numeral watches comes in both mechanical and automatic functions, and is available in an array of color schemes. These watches are designed to complement all skin tones, and can be worn with both casual and sophisticated clothing. Our Roman numeral watches are among the most adaptable items in our inventory.

        Roman numeral watch from Tufina

        Those searching for an impressive gold Roman numeral watch should consider Casablanca from Tufina's Theorema collection. This remarkable watch has a built-in mechanical movement with seventeen precious rubies. The display is made visible with its open front and back design and illuminated hands. The dial includes attractive and polished Roman numerals. The sapphire coating on the lens ensures optimal scratch-resistance, while the stainless steel strap ensures the watch will maintain its condition for many years. 

        Another exemplary Roman numeral watch would be the New York Diamonds. This watch is designed with a 20 rubies movement and a complete calendar display. A perfect reflection of the German standard of quality and practicality. The Roman numerals are in perfect harmony with the 8 diamonds which decorate the dial. If you are in search of a diamond watch with a visible front and back, the New York Diamonds should be your go-to choice.

        Made-in-Germany Roman numeral watch

        Tufina timepieces are produced in Germany, following the country’s manufacturing laws and statutes. Our artisans have taken cues from the nation's long-standing watchmaking heritage and have created watches that are both useful and visually appealing. The Theorema and Pionier collections, which were launched and accredited in Munich in 2004, are some of the finest products of this craft.

        These wrist watches are handcrafted and hand assembled with great attention to detail. They boast in-house movements and attractive designs. Built using genuine high-end materials, these timepieces display the most innovative compositions. They offer an outstanding combination of engineering and style, and they stand out as exemplary examples of top-notch quality.

        Our Promise to You

        Tufina has made it their mission to create luxurious timepieces for men that are crafted with the utmost precision and adherence to German watchmaking standards. Our watches are exclusively constructed from handcrafted components, in complete accordance with German laws and regulations. We are confident that you will find an outstanding Roman numeral watch that is perfect for any man who values luxury and elegance.