Roman number index dial
Roman number index dial

The great thing about Roman number index dial watches add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit, or stand out in a sea of black and white. 

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        Tufina: The place where creative power and precision combine

        Roman numerals are often found in classic watch designs. Tufina offers a diverse collection of timepieces for those who are looking for a high-end Roman number index dial watch. Featuring skeletonized compositions, minimalistic arrangements or extravagant details, the options are unlimited. Whether you want a wrist watch with Roman numerals on every index or a timepiece where Roman number indices are combined with other types of markers, you are sure to find your ideal watch in our brands - Theorema and Pionier.

        Luxury Roman number index dial watch for men

        A Roman number index dial can usually be found in classic timepieces. These numerals have always been present in pocket watches and wall clocks. Modern wrist watches still utilize Roman number index dials, resembling classic timepieces and delivering a timeless appeal. You can find  a variety of models which feature a Roman number index dial in our collections. 

        We provide both mechanical and automatic watches with Roman index markers. Available in an array of color arrangements, these timepieces guarantee a perfect fit for all skin complexions. Easily matched with casual outfits as well as elegant attires, our Roman number index dial watches represent some of the most versatile accessories in the market.

        Roman number index dial watch from Tufina

        If you are looking for a classic timepiece with a unique touch, consider Newton Theorema with its Roman number index dial and an in-house automatic movement. This sophisticated watch has 20 rubies, a skeleton design, a calendar compilation, 6 diamonds, and a sapphire coated lens. The automatic movement gives the watch a smooth and accurate operation. The skeleton design provides a clear view of the inner workings of the watch, while the 6 diamonds and sapphire coated lens add an extra elegant touch. The Roman number index dial gives the watch a chic look that will never go out of style. 

        Another excellent choice would be the Aruba Diamonds from the Pionier collection. It has a Roman number index dial, giving the watch a classic and sophisticated look. This timepiece is powered by an automatic movement and it includes a date calendar feature. Not only does this watch look great, but it is also reliable and designed to last. The Aruba Diamonds watch from the Pionier collection is a great choice for anyone looking to take their outfits to the next level.

        German Roman number index dial watches

        Our German watches have strong styling and place a strong focus on technical excellence and simplicity. They are regarded as high-end, precise tools which are carefully crafted, innovative, and technologically advanced. The designs combine the Bauhaus principle of form following function with sophistication and poise. This is an outstanding illustration of watchmaking mastery.

        Our watchmakers take pride in their long history of watchmaking, which began in the 1800s. With a Tufina German watch, you can expect the best in technology, design, and craftsmanship. We offer a wide selection of watches made in Germany, ranging from affordable luxury to highly complex pieces. Whatever your price range is, we have something to fit your needs.

        Our Promise to You

        Our goal is to provide unique Roman number index dial watches for stylish men and women. These elegant timepieces combine the functional aspects of German-made accessories with intricate and sophisticated compositions. Designed to flatter both fancy and everyday attire, these watches are meant to become an irreplaceable part of one’s wardrobe. Perfect as a staple accessory and chic watch for luxurious events, these watches are as beautiful as they are versatile.