Modern skeleton watch
Modern skeleton watch
This timepiece embodies the German standard for excellence, exactitude, and artistry.
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        Tufina: A distinguished brand for skeleton designs

        Many watch aficionados and fashionable gentlemen gravitate towards trendy timepieces. If you’re looking for a modern skeleton watch, Tufina offers a wide selection of models. Featuring fully or partially skeletonized designs, these watches are made to deliver an art show. With intricate details and mesmerizing inner mechanisms, our see-through watches are built to ensure the best engineering and aesthetic values. Browse through our two distinct brands - Theorema and Pionier - to find the modern skeleton watch that best fits your style.

        Luxury modern skeleton watch for men

        Skeletonized watches are some of the most striking models found in luxury collections. If you are looking for a modern skeleton watch for men that ensures both a contemporary aesthetic and outstanding mechanical value, you will love our timepieces. Each of our see-through watches are the product of a complex design process and handcrafted work.

        Featuring in-house movements, these modern skeleton watches display the most intricate mechanisms. A true art show, the harmonized display of each component working together never fails to fascinate watch admirers. Easily paired with any outfit, these trendy skeleton watches can take your look to the next level. 

        Modern skeleton watches from Tufina

        If you’re a fan of modern skeleton watches, these picks from our Theorema collection are sure to satisfy you. Venezia, with its full skeleton composition, is bound to captivate anyone who looks at it. The see-through design allows the brilliant mechanisms of this timepiece to create a fascinating show. The carefully engraved dial features the most spectacular details, while the sapphire coated lens guarantees unmatched durability. An ideal construction when it comes to high-end skeleton watches, Venezia is a must for any gentleman’s wardrobe.

        Another fascinating modern skeleton watch would be the sleek Zurich Tourbillon. The brilliant in-house mechanical movement with 20 jewels can be easily admired through the see-through composition of this timepiece. Featuring a sun and moon phase compilation, this dual-time skeleton men’s watch is one of the most unique high-end pieces in the market. Equipped with a genuine Italian leather band, Zurich Tourbillon is perfect for those who appreciate luxury accessories.

        Made in Germany skeleton watches for men

        Our skeleton watches have a classic exterior built to beautifully expose the internal components. This refined technique demonstrates a brilliant craft. Each piece is carefully made calculating exact dimensions, the smallest variations, and intricate mechanics. We put quality ahead of quantity when it comes to our high-end watches, all of which are produced in Germany.

        Our skeleton timepieces are well-known for their sleek and sophisticated look, precision, and cutting-edge engineering. Handmade engravings, elegant details and heat-treated screws are incorporated to deliver exceptional designs. These watches demonstrate the most attractive qualities generally seen in made-in-Germany watches.

        Our Promise to You

        We believe that the fusion of elite quality and innovation is the means to making watches that won't be forgotten. Our modern skeleton watches for men are made with the latest advancements in horology. They boast a timeless aesthetic which speaks of luxury and finesse. Constructed with genuine materials and in-house movements, our watches exemplify endurance and authenticity. Take a look through our broad selection of men's skeleton watches and you are sure to discover a timepiece that perfectly matches your perspective.