Men's diamond watches
Men's diamond watches
Diamond timepieces are luxurious and functional. They’re expertly-crafted and they feel expensive to wear without breaking the bank.
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        Tufina: A legacy founded in passion and integrity 

        Since 1828, Tufina has been renowned for its authenticity, innovation, and passion. Theorema and Pionier are two of its representative brands that were founded and licensed in Munich in 2004. We are pleased to offer two collections of fine watches, which have been produced with great care and devotion, following a long tradition of horology mastery. Our luxury men's watches are the ultimate in excellence and prestige.

        Luxury Diamond Watches for Men

        When it comes to selecting a diamond watch for men, it is a significant investment for any wardrobe. Therefore, it is important to take into account a variety of factors, such as design, color, metal, and band, when deciding on the right watch. We offer a comprehensive selection to ensure that you can find the ideal piece. 

        Our selection of diamond watches features from six to twelve diamonds, providing a range of options that are sure to suit any taste. Every detail is carefully crafted and the watches are designed with impeccable precision, creating a stylish and sophisticated accessory for the modern gentleman. Perfect for those who desire a luxurious and unique accessory, these watches are a timeless choice.

        Men’s Diamond Watches: Hypnotizing designs

        If you’re looking for a timepiece that displays a beautiful dial elegantly framed with real diamonds, our diamond men’s watches are the ideal accessory for you. For a marvelous timepiece with a mesmerizing placement of 8 beautiful diamonds, the New York Diamonds from the Pionier collection is the right watch for you. This gorgeous piece features a full calendar and a striking open front and back design. Synonymous with luxury, this noteworthy watch is truly a work of art.

        If you prefer a striking showcase of glamor and mastery, perhaps a 12 diamond timepiece will perfectly suit your taste. An ideal timepiece for those who demand the finest accessories, Florida Diamonds from the Pionier collection is the manifestation of timeless style. This automatic movement luxury diamond watch features a full calendar as well. Available in a variety of color compositions, Florida comes in silver, gold, blue, black and rose.

        Made-in-Germany Diamond Watches for Men

        Every single watch from Tufina is created in complete accordance with German law and regulations. We guarantee the integrity of German watchmaking by creating pristine timepieces using original materials. Our luxury men's watches are meticulously crafted and assembled by hand, guaranteeing exceptional value and long-lasting quality. Because they are designed with superior excellence in mind, these luxury timepieces are sure to last you a lifetime. They combine flawless engineering with artistic brilliance to ensure unsurpassed durability.

        Our Promise to You

        Our endeavor is focused on creating high-end watches that feature all qualities of German engineering. We strive to deliver glamor, prestige, and luxury for the fashionable gentleman through our enthralling designs. These timepieces never fail to impress, thanks to their enticing compositions and fascinating details. Our luxury men's watches are excellent as an everyday statement piece or special occasion accessory. They truly make for an irreplaceable component of your wardrobe.