Men's 3 ATM Watches
Men's 3 ATM Watches

Tufina watches are superb, keep precise time, and display the superior craftsmanship that went into each watch’s creation.

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        Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches

        Tufina is the hard work of eight generations of committed watchmakers. Powered by creativity, innovation and dedication, our brand depicts how the principles of German watchmaking manifest in real-life. Created with tremendous attention to detail and careful planning, Tufina 3ATM Men’s Luxury Watches deliver the best features of masterful craftsmanship. From 2004, the two representative brands from Tufina - Theorema and Pionier - have been a favorite choice for the gentlemen who appreciate luxury and style.

        Men’s 3 ATM Water Resistant Watches

        Our men’s 3 ATM water resistant watches ensure permanence, strength and longevity. These robust timepieces have been carefully designed to guarantee that the interior parts are protected from rain, humidity and water splashes. If you’re looking for a reliable accessory that you can wear every day without having to worry about its sturdiness, water resistant watches from Tufina are perfect for you.

        With a wide selection of models and color schemes, these stylish wrist watches can add a layer of glamor and prestige to your look. Appearance and quality go hand in hand at Tufina. Purchasing a luxury men’s watch can be a wise investment in your wardrobe. That’s why it’s important to find a timepiece that is designed to withstand external factors. In that case, our 3 ATM water resistant men’s watches are the way to go.

        3 ATM Water resistant watches: A true investment

        Looking for your next purchase? If so, a luxury item can be the perfect way to invest your money. Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches provide great worth and an accessory that will serve as a true extension of your identity  and self-expression. With an array of designs you can choose from, our men’s water resistant watches are bound to satisfy every taste.

        With gorgeous color schemes, stainless steel or genuine leather straps and fine details, these 3 ATM water resistant men’s watches deliver outstanding value, durability and precision combined with style. Whether you go for a Basel Tourbillon, Buenos Aires, Venezia or Miami there is a watch at Tufina meant to suit your fit. The best part is that every Tufina men’s watch ensures resilience and longevity. That means you can choose whichever model you prefer while knowing quality is guaranteed.

        Made-in-Germany Luxury Men’s Watches

        Well-known for their pristine watches, German watchmaking has set the perfect example to follow. As such, Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches are produced according to German standards of manufacturing. Our timepieces are produced in full compliance with German laws and regulations, delivering elite made-in-Germany accessories fit for the gentleman who values excellence.

        Made of genuine materials, our men’s water resistant watches represent authenticity. After meticulous planning and a complex design process, every single component of our watches is assembled by hand. Our craftsmen dedicate 100% of their effort into creating robust timepieces which speak of accuracy and precision. 

        Our promise to you

        Tufina is committed to delivering high-end watches for those who want to invest in luxury. With authentic materials, intricate production processes and original arrangements, Tufina Men’s Luxury Watches embody the best values of the German tradition of craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide our clients with immaculate timepieces of exceptional beauty. Made for the elite, our sturdy water resistant watches create an aura of prestige and glamor for those who wear them. Made to suit even the most extraordinary tastes, our timepieces easily stand out from the crowd.