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        Tufina: High-End Materials, Engineering since 1828

        Tufina’s family history originates from 1828 and later drew inspiration from tradtional watchmaking customs. Tufina is a known brand that produces luxury men's watches that are expertly created by hand. Launched and licensed in Germany in 2004, Tufina's two representative brands, Theorema and Pionier, have become synonymous with authenticity, prestige and innovation. Exhibiting our engineering expertise, we offer fantastic quality timepieces with IPG plating 22-karat gold at an affordable price!

        IPG Plating Gold 22 Karat Watches For Men

        One of the most precious and exquisite metals in the world is gold. Because of its ability to play with the light and tarnishing-resistant qualities, it is one of the most popular materials for decorating high-end jewelry. Our collection of IPG plated gold 22 karat watches features fine, handcrafted timepieces in a range of elegant, modern, and traditional styles. Each and every one of our gold plating watches for men is expertly crafted utilizing cutting-edge watchmaking techniques.

        After an intricate design and handcrafting process, our high-grade stainless steel 316L cases are treated using the latest IPG gold plating machines to get a distinct 22K gold coating with 5 microns layer, which ensures the shining color of gold through many years. This significantly enhances our timepieces’ life and value. Our professionals can modify the coating procedures to achieve a multitude of nuances. Our elegant and stylish IPG plating 22K gold watches for men will always provide its wearers a sense of sophistication and luxury! 

        22K Gold Plating Watches for Superb Quality

        Our 22-karat gold plating watches guarantee higher gold purity and a rich color and luster. These IPG gold plated watches for men can be the ideal option for individuals who prefer striking gold watches with a bold and glamorous sheen that blends luxury and affordability. For a flawless appearance, our meticulous plating method guarantees that the composition and color of the 22K gold plating remain consistent throughout the whole plating layer. 

        Moreover, the higher gold content in our 22k gold plating allows us to craft timepieces that will not cause any skin reactions. Resistance to tarnish will be on par with pure gold! Because 22K gold may be plated up to 5 microns, perfect brilliance, a flawless appearance, and long-lasting quality even after years and years of usage are guaranteed. These timepieces offer the finest in premium fashion and superior quality, with their genuine designs. If you’re interested in buying an Ion Plating gold 22K watch, check out Dublin Pionier or Kingston Theorema, some of our best-selling gold plating watches for men!

        Made in Germany IPG Gold Plating Watches

        Tufina has gained a reputation for crafting top-notch watches through meticulous handmade craftsmanship. Our renowned IPG gold plating, also known as Ion Plating Gold, involves a sophisticated process where our experts employ cutting-edge technology to apply a gold film on our cases and bracelets. Widely embraced by many esteemed luxury brands, the IPG gold plating at Tufina adheres to stringent guidelines in our laboratories. Following thorough planning and design, each component undergoes the Ion gold plating process, resulting in exquisite 22-karat gold plated watches that display unparalleled shine, luster, and durability. 

        Our Promise to You

        We're all about creating watches with top-notch craftsmanship, staying true to the two centuries old watchmaking tradition. Our luxurious men's and women’s watches boast the finest gold plating you can find, crafted meticulously from beginning to end. We make sure to use only original materials and components, ensuring these timepieces offer exceptional quality that will stand the test of time. With years of dedication and experience, we take pride in delivering the absolute best for our clients. Designed for the gentleman who appreciates high-quality, timeless luxury watches, we're confident you'll discover the perfect gold plated watch for you!