Gold Men's Watches
Gold Men's Watches

Looking for Gold Men's Watches? Our 22 karat gold plated 5 microns are of the highest quality watches for the right price tag. Gold watches for men are surprisingly versatile.

individually hand-assembled
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        Looking for Gold Men's Watches? Our gold plated 5 microns are of the highest quality watches for the right price tag. Gold watches for men are surprisingly versatile.

        Tufina’s Legacy of Watchmaking

        With its history dating back to 1828, Tufina is a brand powered by eight generations of fine watchmakers. Inspired by European watchmaking traditions, nowadays Tufina is a renowned company, delivering the highest quality hand-assemlbed luxury gold men's watches. Two signature brands for Tufina, Theorema and Pionier, trademarked in Germany, beautifully represent quality, prestige and character.

        Luxury Gold Watches For Men

        Our selection of Tufina gold men’s watches includes high-quality, individually made timepieces that come in a variety of styles and designs: classic, modern or elegant. They are available in different color schemes, featuring finely-detailed models to large-sized bold. Every single one of our gold watches for men is carefully manufactured by our skilled artisans.

        All Tufina products are made from top-quality materials with superior workmanship and highest watchmaking skills, representing the tradition of watchmaking. Tufina gold watches for men are some of our best-selling timepieces, due to their versatility and impeccable designs. Luxurious and fashionable, gold watches for men will always create an aura of class and prestige for those who wear them. These individually made luxury men's watches guarantee quality, exceptional modish feel and great attention to detail.

        A variety of gold men’s watches designs

        Tufina offers the best gold watches for men. These high-end products combine exceptional functionality with an elegant design. From intricate to elegant designs these luxury gold men's watches are among the most versatile timepieces. Whether you prefer a men’s rose gold watch, gold plated watch, black gold watch, or white gold watch, our watchmakers offer endless design and options. Featuring beautifully crafted genuine cow leather straps or stainless steel bracelets, these gold men’s watches are a perfect choice for those who love adding variety to their style. With so many options available, you are guaranteed to find a Tufina timepiece that perfectly represents your fashion sense and identity..

        Individually hand-assembled

        Tufina is known for its elegant designs, which are designed and conceptualized by skilled watchmakers in Germany. Our watches are made from high-quality materials and are available in many different varieties, colors and materials. These hand-designed luxury gold men's watches guarantee lasting quality, high functionality and exceptional accuracy. Each individual timepiece is hand-assembled by our masterful watchmakers, after careful planning and designing. Produced in full compliance with modern laws and regulations for  watchmaking, these gold men’s watches deliver quality and the highest manufacturing standards. 

        Fashionable and striking designs make these gold men's watches a must-have for the gentleman who appreciates luxury, prestige and outstanding quality. With a myriad of designs,  superior precision and reliability, these luxury men’s watches are a wise investment in your style. Guaranteed that you'll find the ideal gold men's watch in one of our collections, choosing a Tufina luxury men’s watch means that you’ll always have the perfect accessory to wear for any occasion.

        Our Promise to You

        Our vision is focused on delivering top quality craftsmanship, true to the tradition of watchmaking. Our luxury men's watches provide the best gold watches in the market, meticulously hand-assembled from start to finish. Ensuring only original materials and components are used, these timepieces guarantee exceptional quality that will last you a lifetime. Reflecting years of dedication and experience, we proudly deliver the best of the best for our clients. Made for the gentleman who values timeless luxury watches of the highest quality, we are certain you will find the perfect timepiece fit for you.