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European watch

Our goal is to make top-quality watches that feature modern engineering and are built to last. Our watches bring style, prestige, and luxury.

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        Tufina: Reputable watches

        Tufina watches are renowned for their quality, precision and utility-focused designs. Tufina offers a variety of models for those who are looking for the best affordable watch in the market. Individually hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers, these timepieces deliver the product of hours of continuous work, attention to detail and commitment. A fusion between functionality and aesthetics, these robust timepieces are definitely worth the investment. 

        Luxury watch for men

        Our luxury watches represent a mixture of purpose-focused watchmaking with creative expression. Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus idea that form follows function, we prioritize quality and precision in our crafting process. However, our brand is powered by innovative designs. As such, our timepieces deliver stylish options for those who have a fine sense of fashion.

        Creating impeccable compositions, our watches feature a variety of features and visual elements. Incorporating skeletonized hands, baton index markers, Roman or Arabic numerals, diamond indices, open heart arrangements and Geneva stripes decorations, our timepieces provide a diverse selection of models to choose from. Perfect for the practical and stylish gentleman.

        Watches from Tufina: Innovation combined with visual excellence 

        For those who are looking for the perfect watch, limited edition Zurich Tourbillon from the Theorema collection is an impeccable pick. This mechanical watch with an in-house 20 jewel movement is a perfect manifestation of the watchmaking geniality. A dual-time multi-functional tourbillon of exceptional value, Zurich Tourbillon delivers every quality of an authentic individually made watch. Featuring a gorgeous sun and moon phase compilation, this timeless timepiece combines values of utility with a brilliant eye for design.

        If you prefer a chronograph timepiece, the Tirona Chronograph from the Pionier collection can’t be missed. Equipped with a battery movement and a date calendar compilation, this watch guarantees unmatched accuracy and practicality. An ideal choice for the gentlemen  who love to travel, this 5 ATM chronograph speaks of reliability and durability. The multi-tone dial pulls everything together, creating an elegant aesthetic.

        Individually hand-assembled

        Our watches create a classic, almost vintage aesthetic, however, the interior engineering is a symbol of contemporary watchmaking. Our timepieces are carefully crafted by using latest technology achieving exact measurements, specific angles and the finest engravings. We emphasize high-caliber quality rather than production in vast quantities. That’s why our watches are available in a limited stock and special editions collections.

        Our precise timepieces are widely celebrated for their streamlined look, dependability, and cutting-edge engineering. Many of these watches feature hand-designed details, skeleton designs, screws that have been heat-treated, bold bezels and different types of markers. Together these elements provide some of the most attractive timepieces found in the world market.

        Our Promise to You

        At Tufina, we are committed to providing superior quality luxury watches for men and preserving our legacy of watchmaking expertise. We are continuously striving to develop and offer genuine watches for men. Our luxury timepieces are the result of carefully crafted plans and expert handiwork, utilizing only the finest components. These pieces are designed for the discerning individual who values glamor, distinction, and style. Each watch is constructed by hand to guarantee the utmost excellence, performance, and top-notch details.