Arabic numeral watch
Arabic numeral watch
Arabic numeral watches for men are known for being one of the most fine accessory choices. They never fail to create a sophisticated and put-together look.
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        Tufina: Precision and creativity all in one

        Having an Arabic numeral watch has become exceptionally trendy. Tufina provides a variety of designs for these types of timepieces. In some of our models, the fine Arabic numbers show every hour of the day, while in others, they are located in specific positions on the watch face. Our two collections, Theorema and Pionier, proudly display exclusive and appealing Arabic numeral watches for those who appreciate these compositions. Designed to satisfy both watch collectors and people who love luxury, our watches guarantee an elite style.

        Luxury Arabic numeral watch for men

        Arabic numeral watches for men have always been a popular choice. These timepieces guarantee both an aesthetic appeal and great functionality. Such a wrist watch can feature Arabic numerals either on every index, or only in the twelve, three, six and nine o-clock positions. Suitable with extravagant designs as well as minimalist compositions, these numerals are a highly versatile fashion choice.

        We incorporate Arabic numerals in many of our timepieces. Whether you’re looking for an Arabic numeral watch in gold, silver, black or blue, our collections offer a variety of color schemes. Easily distinguishable as well as visually attractive, an Arabic numeral watch makes a perfect accessory for any kind of outfit.

        Arabic numeral watch from Tufina: Compelling designs

        If you’re looking for the ideal timepiece to add to your collection, consider these Arabic numeral watches from Tufina. Galileo from the Theorema collection is an excellent pick for those who appreciate bold and distinctive details. The striking Arabic numerals are skillfully combined with the sun and moon phase compilation, creating a balanced aesthetic. The in-house quartz movement delivers unparalleled accuracy and durability. And let’s not forget about the practical full calendar feature.

        If you’re a fan of tourbillons, consider Basel Tourbillon from the Pionier collection. This genial dual-time timepiece features a mechanical in-house 19 rubies movement. Part of the limited edition sun and moon phase designs, this gorgeous Arabic numeral watch is hard to come by. With a sapphire front and back composition, the Basel Tourbillon is a perfect choice for the stylish gentleman.

        Arabic numeral watches

        All Tufina watches are in limited stock and not mass produced. The manufacturing process is a full engineering experience. Taking inspiration from the our long tradition in watchmaking, our craftsmen combine utility with aesthetic purpose. Trademarked in Germany in 2004, Tufina’s two iconic collections - Theorema and Pionier - represent some of the best values of this craft.

        Featuring in-house movements and tasteful designs, these timepieces deliver amazing value in terms of both engineering and style. The incorporation of authentic materials and creative compositions are manifested in these impeccable wrist watches. The product of a long process of meticulous design and handcrafting, these hand-assembled watches are the epitome of top quality.

        Our promise to you

        Our vision stands in delivering limited edition timepieces for those who demand high-end quality Arabic numeral watches. We strive away from mass-production and put all our efforts into creating fine watches that carry exceptional worth. An exquisite selection of pristine timepieces that are designed to become your faithful accessory for years to come. Our commitment is translated into these superb luxury watches that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most complex taste.