Zürich Tourbillon Theorema - A dream come true!

Zürich Tourbillon Theorema - A dream come true!

Finally, it is here, the one and only, the luxurious Made in Germany Zürich Tourbillon Theorema. What a great kick start to a new decade for Theorema. This is, by all means, the most legendary watch of the German brand Theorema. Theorema dreamed of this watch for many years. How many nights and days were spent rivaling all to perfection. The magnificent esthetics are a total match for the top condition this watch offers. It is by any doubt a high-level quality wristwatch, that is why only 51 were ever made. This particular watch will have many followers. 

The Zürich Tourbillon has a complex mechanism with the power evenly distributed towards the escapement in such a way that it looks as if it is caressing it. High German technology, which only guarantees for constant accuracy and precision. What is unique about this masterpiece, it offers pure artisanal craftsmanship. One cannot but stare at the immense details. This long-lasting masterpiece offers 28,800 VPH with 20 jewels inside the mechanism. On the right, it has a beautifully designed sun & moon phase. And on the left, it is the dual-time subdial. Another particular thing about the design is that the upper hemisphere of the face of the watch has Roman numerals, and the bottom hemisphere has marker numerals. The whole main dial is elegantly engraved with ornamental design cured to perfection for each detail. To add a bold and strong look to the face, Theorema used sword hands. A great masculine addition to a gentleman's collection. Since our Tourbillon is named after the Swiss city of Zürich, a fun fact, the first hands' factory in Switzerland was founded in 1812. A fully skeletonized watch with front and back sapphire scratch-proof glasses. You will have a hard time taking your eyes off of it. 

Zürich is a global center for banking and finance, that is why we dedicated a very expensive timepiece after it. As one of the best cities to live in the world, without any doubts it deserved a luxury timepiece for its luxurious lifestyle. Tourbillon is by far one of the most expensive watches to make. Not only it requires a long time, but special tools and expertise. There are 40 parts only inside the tourbillon itself. The gravity fight effect makes without any doubt the tourbillon a rare timepiece to own. This is a watch that you by today, but still will want to wear 10-20 years from now. A stunning watch that will never let you down.  



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