Women Wearing Men’s Watches

Women Wearing Men’s Watches

It does not take much to notice that most watches are designed with men in mind. Of the watches that are designed for women, most ladies watches are smaller in size, include diamonds and bright colors, and house quartz movements. A lot of attention is given to the aesthetics of the watch and not so much to the movement or functionality of the watch. While these are beautiful designs, they do not always fit every woman’s taste.That is why women wearing men’s watches has become a trend.

If a woman wants to wear a larger watch rather than a dainty, feminine watch, her best option is to find a man’s watch that fits her style and needs. Many women will wear a smaller, standard ladies’ watch for formal occasions, but often prefer the larger, men’s watches for other, more casual occasions. At Tufina Watches we welcome all women out there that want a larger bold watch yet fashionable.Many women appreciate the easy legibility of the larger watches and the bolder designs often found in men’s watches. By wearing a men’s watch, a woman often feels like she is making a statement, saying she is just as bold as a man. Many watch enthusiasts agree that men’s watches on women’s wrists can be a great look. 

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