Why wearing a rose watch is manly.

Why wearing a rose watch is manly.

First lesson I got from my father when I turned 30 was that it is manly to wear rose . He gifted me the Made in Germany rose Oman see through mechanical skeleton. It has changed my whole opinion about wearing rose watches, and I am the proud owner of 3 rose watches since then. Entering manhood means that you are ready for the best version of yourself. Aristotle believed that manhood is a life full of eudaimonia. In other words manhood means a life full of excellency. Each time my peers are charmed by my rose Oman timepiece, I know I am giving them a lesson in brilliancy.  

Asking a watch lover, a watch collector, a watchmaker "what do you think about a man wearing a rose watch" is the same as asking a woman "if it is ok for a woman to wear earrings." Once and for all we need to understand that rose watches are very common. They have been a thing for generations. All high end luxury brands offer rose watches. All watch stores offer rose watches. Therefore, stereotyping rose watches on men as feminine has no roots, and it is simply sexist. 

“In the 18th century, it was perfectly masculine for a man to wear a pink silk suit.” - Valerie Steele, Fashion Scholar.

Being colorful is in and trendy for men. All major fashion brands are offering everything in pink (rose), gold, red and any bright color you can think. Wearing a rose wristwatch conveys a message of energy, being confident, and ardent. I invite everyone that loves rose, but never bought it for fear of being judged, to go ahead with it. It is not a mistake! Be brave, be modern, and embrace excellency! 

Written by Kevin Weber, a Tufina happy customer. 


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