Why we think there’s nothing better than a wristwatch

Why we think there’s nothing better than a wristwatch

3 Reasons Why Every Man Must Own a Wristwatch

There’s an interesting story, which explains how the first watchmakers stumbled upon the idea of thewristwatch. It is said that during WWI, soldiers would get frustrated searching for their pocket watches, and this prompted them to start wearing their watches like bracelets around their wrists. This is also how the wristwatch came to be known as thegentleman timepiece. In fact, wristwatches pretty much-rendered pocket watches obsolete.

Today, we’re in an age of smartphones, so why would anybody wear a wristwatch? Regardless of the answer, wristwatches continue to remain in fashion. Here are three reasons why we think every gentleman should own at least one wristwatch: 

  1. Convenience

Wristwatches are more convenient and ensure that you are always on time. It may happen on multiple occasions that you need to look at your phone for the time, and this can become frustrating. Checking the time on a wristwatch is classier and easier. Moreover, pulling out your cell phone in the middle of a meeting or conversation looks rude. While you’re at the beach, a funeral, or a wedding, accessing your phone is not always easy. In such cases, wristwatches are a much better option. 

  1. Functionality

Automatic watchesare self-powered without batteries; as well, mechanical watchesuse a winding system to operate. Complex wristwatches display a variety of features along with the time and date. Some of these features include chronographs and moon-phase indicators.Skeleton watches, which use detailed mechanical clockwork technology, are also reliable; they will never run out of charge like a smartphone.

  1. Style

For men, accessories and jewelry choices are limited. The primary accessories that they can wear are wristwatches, cufflinks, and wedding bands. A traditional watch is perfect for showing off your style, personality, and fine taste.German watches, for example, are timeless and masculine pieces, perfect for the manliest of men.

Boys look at their smartphones to check the time whereas men look at watches. Your wristwatch is not only your timekeeper; it is also a symbol of intricate craftsmanship, tradition, and history. When you wear a watch on your wrist, you are carrying and displaying an ingenious piece of art.

Moreover, classic analog watches may be passed on as heirlooms. When you own a timepiece that has been handed down across generations, such signifies that you honor the memories of your ancestors. Additionally, when you have your own watch collection, it’s basically like you have your own treasure trove.

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