Why should you buy your watch from a microbrand?

Why should you buy your watch from a microbrand?

Undoubtedly, microbrand watches can be one of the most valuable investments one can make. This assertion is rooted in the meticulous attention and consideration that microbrands dedicate to their timepieces, ultimately yielding exquisitely crafted and well-pondered horological creations. Additionally, microbrands possess a distinct advantage in that they exclusively distribute their watches through online platforms, thereby enabling you to obtain a greater number of watches for your financial expenditure.

This is a watch from Tufina's Theorema collection, Newton GM4004-2 - an automatic watch with a skeleton dial, 6 diamond markers, date calendar feature, stainless steel case and a real black leather band.

Tufina Theorema Newton GM4004-2.

What Are Microbrand Watches?

Microbrands are experiencing remarkable growth within the mechanical watch market, often surpassing established players in the industry. These brands predominantly rely on their online presence and websites as their primary distribution channels, enabling direct customer interaction and reducing third-party expenses. Personally, we find this evolution in the watch industry quite appealing. The heightened competition among watch businesses necessitates greater creativity and innovation from the major players to maintain their relevance. Consequently, this translates into an abundance of excellent options and enhanced value for watch enthusiasts and customers alike.

It is important what are the parameters and indicators that distinguish a watch brand as a microbrand? Initially, one can find it challenging to provide a definitive answer. In essence, a microbrand can be described as a small-scale watch company with limited production capabilities, specializing in specific styles or niches such as classic timepieces,  skeleton  designs, or unconventional creations. What sets them apart is their inclination towards crafting handmade watches that are often available at affordable prices.

But how can you determine if a brand falls into the microbrand category? Consider factors such as the company's size, the origin of their movements, their online presence, pricing (typically leaning towards the lower end of the price range), and their design philosophy. Microbrands, unlike well-established counterparts, are more inclined to embrace innovation and experimentation.

This is a watch from Tufina's Pionier collection, Louvre GM-517-6 - an automatic watch with a square stainless steel case, Roman and Arabic numerals, open back composition and a real black leather band.

Tufina Pionier Louvre GM-517-6.

What To Look For In A Microbrand Watch?

Now that you know how to identify a microbrand, it is crucial to consider certain factors when contemplating a purchase. Below are the key aspects we prioritize when evaluating a microbrand watch:

  • Value for Money: The watch should offer a commendable balance between its price and the features it provides.
  • Unique and Exciting Design: Personal preference plays a significant role. You should seek a watch with a distinctive design that resonates with your taste and evokes excitement.
  • Positive Reviews: It is essential to explore the reviews and feedback from both customers and experts, ensuring that the watch and the brand have received favorable assessments.
  • Manufacturing Location: Determine where the watches are produced. Are they manufactured in a factory known for exploiting cheap labor in China, or do they originate from esteemed factories in Germany or Switzerland?
  • Movement Type: Consider whether the watch employs  mechanical  movements  or  quartz movements. This preference varies individually; if you appreciate quartz watches, you can disregard this aspect.

Why should you invest in a microbrand watch?

Affordable Prices Compared to Mainstream Watches

Watches in the microbrand category offer great value for money, with prices generally in the hundreds. They are a more affordable option compared to big brand watches, which can cost several times more. While mainstream luxury watches come with certain advantages like better residual values, design, quality, and packaging, they also come with a hefty price tag of thousands of dollars.

Affordability is subjective to some extent, but spending thousands of dollars on anything will have a significant impact on most people's finances. Additionally, watch collecting can become an addictive hobby that requires periodic purchases.

Many enthusiasts of timepieces are content with occasionally investing a few thousand dollars in purchasing an exclusive watch from a renowned brand that has caught their attention. Nonetheless, it is even more advantageous to spend less money and acquire a broader selection of watches from microbrands. Individuals who collect watches and have an insatiable appetite for diversity should contemplate purchasing multiple microbrand watches for the cost equivalent to that of one mainstream luxury watch.

This is a watch from Tufina's Pionier collection, Dublin GM-508-3 - an automatic watch with a full calendar feature, 4 golden sub-dials, numbered bezel and a real brown leather band.

Tufina Pionier Dublin GM-508-3.

Straightforward Relationships with Customers

Typically, major brands distribute their watches through a supply chain that involves several intermediaries. Thus, there are many steps to be accomplished before the product reaches the end consumer. Naturally, the more intermediaries are involved in this chain, the higher the price for the final product will be.

On the other hand, most microbrands function as a "one-man show,". In other words, a single person is usually both the founder and the owner of the company. He/she would be responsible for overseeing all aspects of business operations. That includes customer relations throughout every stage of a sale. This business model has its perks, for example, it allows for the customers' feedback to quickly reach the people in charge and be implemented by the business owner.

Many small watch brands have the ability to sell their products online and use social media platforms as a means of interacting with customers. The primary reasons for microbrands utilizing social media include: 

  • Reaching a wide range of people, particularly when the brand is in its early stages and does not have substantial funds for marketing.
  • Engaging directly with existing customers as well as potential ones.

Daring and Fascinating Designs

Mainstream watch companies frequently stick to their limited designs and seldom make updates. However, this is understandable because they aim to preserve the "legacy factor" by maintaining a consistent look that reflects their reputation and history.

In contrast, microbrand watches have the freedom to be highly flexible with their designs as they strive to differentiate themselves from competitors. Additionally, since microbrand owners do not need approval from multiple stakeholders, they can offer a greater variety of designs and achieve faster time-to-market compared to larger brands.

This is a watch from Tufina's Theorema collection, Helsinki GM-115-4 - an automatic watch with an open back composition, Roman and Arabic numerals, golden stainless steel case and a real brown leather band.

Tufina Theorema Helsinki GM-115-5.

So, Are Microbrand Watches Worth Your Money?

Microbrands offer advantages over larger, well-known brands despite their smaller operations. These brands provide a platform for individuals who are enthusiastic about distinct watch designs to bring their innovative ideas to life. So, consumers are provided with the chance to buy fresh and one-of-a-kind items that are not commonly available in mainstream brand selections. By utilizing bold designs, competitive pricing strategies, and direct engagement with both potential customers and enthusiasts alike, microbrands present authentic options for watch collectors seeking to add some excitement to their collection.

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