Why it is important to support a family owned business.

Why it is important to support a family owned business.

Family owned businesses are the oldest form of business organization. Today family-owned businesses are recognized as important and dynamic participants in the world economy (Inc.). The public loves family-owned businesses, and they respond better to such businesses. In a world of big corporations, a family business gives you a sense of identity. Our Tufina family has been supported since 1828 by the love of people, and their passion for unique craftsmanship.

Why in 2018 it is important to support a family-owned business? 

1. According to Forbes family businesses give back more to the community or donation causes. Growth in the family business means a growth in philanthropy. Family-owned companies are increasingly making philanthropy a cornerstone of their business model, according to Betsy Brill, president of Strategic Philanthropy, a Chicago-based firm that advises donors and their legal and financial advisers (The New York Times). 
Our Tufina family takes pride in the fact that we are part of theFirdeus Organizationproject in Albania, which helps orphans, elders, and single mothers with housing, schooling, and cost of any health issues. It is important to find joy in the act of giving. This could not be possible without the support of our customers and followers through the years. 

2. Family businesses are not just in for the money. First, they want to develop and grow their passion for a trade that has been inherited generation after generation. With this in mind, more talent comes alive. Due to smaller workgroup force talent is developed and noticed more easily; rather than a big corporation with much more bureaucracy. The support for independent workers is highly greater from a family-owned business. Second, they want to grow financially and become independent. They want to find a balance between tradition and modern. The craftsmanship of watchmaking is old, but we want to keep with the times and trends. This competition ensures innovation. Because of the need to constantly change and adapt in the long run the public will get low prices.  

3. Product diversity is another big reason why you should support a family business. The concept of no chain store guarantees for much more diverse products. The products are on a smaller scale and not mass produced. A broader range of designs gives room to everyone to wear different distinctive styles. With national stores or even international stores the product being sold is the same exact; thus the style becomes a copy of each other. When in a family business you are often surprised by what the store has to offer rather than at a chain store you know what you are going to get. It holds a sense of romance knowing that the watch you are wearing is worn by a selective group. 

 4. Customer experience is personalized. When you reach out to the help system, it is a real person and not a computer you are talking with. The help is friendly and very understanding. A family business will go above and beyond not to lose a customer. Not to mention that it is so easy to reach to the owner or the manager. In a big corporation, such luxury of getting to know the owner is almost impossible. A family business treats its employees as part of the family. Bonuses are often given as a reward. It is easier to request time off. Theorema and Pionier brands treat employees with so much care, emergencies and sick days are unlimited. The workforce is very close and knows each other very well. It is a known fact that a family-owned business treats their employees, customers, dealers, suppliers etc as part of their family. 

Given the opportunity here in this blog, the Tufina Family wants to thank all the customers, supporters, and followers that through the years have shown so much love to us. Without you, nothing would be possible. Thank you! 




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