Why gift a watch?

Why gift a watch?

When we talk about watches the focus is on the mechanism, design, history behind it. The fact that watches remain some of the most gifted items its often overlooked Truth be told watches have been given as gifts for centuries. If you give someone a watch as a gift it sends out a message of value, even more, when you gift a luxurious watch. 

Gifting a watch to your man.
The message is clear, think of me, even more, when the watch being gifted is a high-end mechanical watch. Thus, every time the man will wind the watch you will come to mind. Gentlemen, if you get a watch as a gift from someone that you have been romantically involved with, that means you have become important. Which watch from the Tufina collection should you gift a man? Without any doubts our best seller theMade in Germany Casablanca Theorema. Not only it has an elegant design, but a feeling of romance accompanies it due to the deco design of the watch itself. 

Gifting a watch to your father.
A watch takes you to the next phase in your life. You want to show your dad that even though you are all grown now and have moved on with your life, you will never forget the time spent under the same roof with him. Thanks for taking the time to raise me. That no matter what the next phase for the two of you is, you will always be there for your father as he grows old. That is why a watch is a great gift idea for your father. Not only because of this sentimental connection but because a watch in itself carries significance. Which watch from the Tufina collection should you gift your father? Absolutely the famous mechanical automaticMacau Theorema Germany. Discover ithere

Gifting a watch to a guy. 
It can either be a guy friend gifting it to his guy friend, a brother to his brother, a sister to her brother etc. You simply cherish the friendship on their birthday. The bond the two of you have is of great importance. You are showing that he can lean on you and trust is important to you. It is always nice to put a note with the watch "To my best friend" or "Your friendship is valuable to me." Do not forget, men have given each other watches has a gift for centuries. During WWII it was a common practice among comrades. For such occasion, you should pick a strong manly watch for him. The design of the watch should be unique. Which watch from the Tufina collection should a guy gift another guy? Without no doubts the most wanted watch in our store theMade in Germany Hawaii Pionier.


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