Why do we name our watches after cities?

Why do we name our watches after cities?

It is the first thing you notice about our collections, the names of the watches. Why are they named after cities? What is the purpose of naming watches after cities? How did this become a thing? In fact there are two main reasons why our watches in this store are named after cities.

1. From Munich to Rio, Chicago to Macau, Damascus to Lagos, the list is endless. Theorema and Pionier are strong believers that the world is one. We are all one! Tufina is made of a family that spans from South to North Europe and across the ocean in USA. We have family and friends literally from each corner of the world. Theorema's and Pionier's employees from designers, watchmakers, assemblers, shippers etc are from different backgrounds and different cultures, and these watches bring them together. You, our valued customers, come from near and far places. What better way to represent our diversities and similarities than naming these watches after cities we al live in. Love is the answer! 

2. Back in 2004 when Theorema and Pionier first came to life, the concept was to get inspired by things that surround us. To make the creation of these watches an art. Focusing on the cultures and concepts of cities was one of the best decisions they ever made. For example: the watch model Casablanca was inspired by the Art Deco that the gracious city of Casablanca displays when you visit it. Or, when Pionier decided to create a watch model after the city of Chicago, the designers had to search what was unique about Chicago. During the search one of the designers fell in love with the Chicago flag, which has four stars; thus the watch model Chicago has four sub-dials.  Or when Theorema added four metal button clasps to the leather band on the Hamburg watch model in order to give it a more industrial look. Why? Because Hamburg is the most industrialized city of Europe. There are hidden secrets behind the design of each single model named after a city. Imagination is the answer!

Quiz: Can you find the secret behind the design of the watch model Paris? Click on the wordParisto discover it's beauty.  

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  • Мартин Цветков

    So where did Tufina brand actually start in ?

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