Why Do People Love Mechanical Watches?

Why Do People Love Mechanical Watches?

A watch can show off your style and status. Quartz watches are accurate, easy to maintain, and come at reasonable prices. But why do so many people prefermechanical watchesover quartz watches? Why are these timepieces seen as a status symbol?


Mechanical watches may seem like an ordinary, everydaywristwatch, but these timepieces boast the legacy of watchmaking! They show how timekeeping has evolved over the years from sundials to pendulums and finally from pocket watches to present-daywristwatches. Although mechanical watches need more care and maintenance, they are often seen by watch enthusiasts as collectibles and heirlooms. They are fashionable accessories sure to catch the attention of anyone at an event or office meeting.


Like the slogan from Patek Philippe says, "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation." Likewise,mechanical watchesare timepieces for the generations. Just like some daughters wear their mothers' wedding dresses, wearing a mechanical watch passed down from generations is a symbol of status and connection.


Mechanical watchesare a masterpiece with a rich history. Around 400 years ago, watchmakers hit six remarkable milestones to design these masterpieces. They were able to include:


  • Refinement: the process of making a thin piece requires abundant craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience
  • Structure: the structure of the four functions: month, date, week, and moon phase display at the exact moment, runs independently but interact harmoniously
  • Addition of Perpetual Calendar: it is one of the most complicated features of these watches and is designed to allow the calculation of the day of the week for a given date in the future
  • Chronograph: designed to let the watch be used as a stopwatch along with being a display watch
  • Tourbillon: it is a feature to counter the effects of gravity
  • Repeater: another complicated feature of a mechanical watch that audibly chimes the hours and minutes at the press of a button


In this high-tech world, smartwatches andautomatic watchesare popular. However, mechanical watches still hold a prominent place within the industry and for watch lovers around the world.


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