Why Do Men Love Watches?

Why Do Men Love Watches?

Thanks to technology, most of us always have the time in our pockets as we carry around our smartphones. And yet, it’s hard to find successful men without a wristwatch. Why do men spend hundreds of dollars on something redundant? Watches do so much more than tell time, and it’s one of the few accessories that men wear. Some of the other reasons for men to invest in watches include:

  1. Interest in Mechanical Objects


A lot of men are interested in mechanical things. They like things that not only look good but are multi-functional and involve complicated construction. Traditional timepieces involve hundreds of parts that work in tandem to provide a wide range of features, including the time of sunrise and sunset, a thermometer, and displays of the phase of the moon. Some complicated watches could have more than 1000 parts. For those who like to observe the workings of these minuscule parts, skeleton watches are often popular as they give the wearer a window into the timepiece.


  1. More Convenient

You can’t carry a phone everywhere, but a wristwatch is convenient enough to be worn at all times. Some watches are even made to go underwater. Also, checking the time is more discreet when using a watch. It can be used during times when it would be impolite to check the time on your phone like during a meeting or while in a conversation. Plus, you don’t have to worry about charging your wristwatch. If you own a mechanical watch, all it needs is a winding.

  1. Watches are Timeless

People no longer buy watches just because they tell time. Watches are statement pieces and show something about your personality. If you’re successful but prefer a low-cost quartz watch, you’re likely someone who doesn’t place a lot of importance on material possessions. If you’re a fan of skeleton watches, you’re intrigued by how things work. And if you love expensive mechanical watches, you’re someone who prefers understated elegance and luxury. No wonder, wristwatches have resale value while smartwatches lose 50% of their value within one year of buying them!

Why do you love watches? Do you like simple, classic German watches or embellished Swiss watches? Share your watch story with us!

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