Why are we offering a Spring Sale 2018?

Why are we offering a Spring Sale 2018?

The goal since the beginning for Theorema and Pionier watches was to be market driven. For almost two decades the German brands have been able to give to the market luxury sophisticated watches at a very reasonable price. Because the price is hiked by many outside forces Theorema and Pionier vouched to remain true to their believe that offering beautiful timepieces should not break anyone's bank. Tufina proudly retails them without spiking the price; thus being one of the most valuable partners to the Germans. And shipping is always free via FedEx!

 So, why are we offering a Spring Sale 2018?

- In order to keep up with the demanding ever growing desires of our customers our inventory must move.

- The young designers, and their creative minds, are always coming up with new models. In order to manufacture these models our capital must be constant.

- The latest technologies are used in the making of Theorema and Pionier watches. Tradition is a key component for our timepieces, but  never forgetting the new trends and what the market asks of us.

- Last but not least, we know that a lot of our customers add items to cart without finalizing their purchases. We love to think that putting these items on sale will help them buy the watch they have rightfully desired without hurting their finances. 


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