Why are men still wearing watches?

Why are men still wearing watches?

Recently I was at a fundraiser event. A young gentleman in his mid-30s asked me what do I do for work. Surely my enthusiastic response was that I am in the wonderful industry of wristwatches. The look he gave me next as if I had told him I perform acrobatic shows at a circus.

"Why?" - he said - "Are men still wearing watches?" 

As a matter of fact - I continued replying - the watch industry has been on the rise. People still show a general interest in watches not only because of their intriguing designs, but a sense of nostalgia too. Watches have been a constant in most of our families' lifeline. The craftsmanship of watchmaking is keeping alive a tradition that is centuries old. The legacy is that men like to wear watches. And, it is men who choose to keep this legacy alive. 

A watch is an accessory. Since jewelry for men is limited a watch becomes a very powerful statement. For a fashionable man, a watch can be a statement of good taste. For a CEO at a firm, a watch can be a statement of strong position. For a mid 30s guy a watch can be the pure act of putting on a cool looking wristwatch. An elder man might feel romance in the idea of owning a watch. 

Wearing a watch sends out a message that you care about yourself. Paying attention to details through your image shows a high standard of self-love. Putting a watch is a culture on its own. Imagine yourself on a date or at an important meeting, what best way to check the time in style rather than pulling out your big bright smartphone screen. Having a liking to watches makes it easier to associate with others and most likely with personalities that you admire and follow. It is a feeling of belonging to a group, a lifestyle that keeps on going as time itself.

Wear a watch, it never goes out of style!
Take our word for it. Tufina has been doing this since 1828. 


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