Which Watch Should You Buy?

Which Watch Should You Buy?

Four Different Types of Watches: Which One Best Suits You?

Men often find they are limited with the choices they have in stylish accessories. So it’s no wonder that so many men place so much importance on timepieces. It’s an extension of their personal style and the most effortless way to make a statement. Different watches convey different meanings. For example, if you’re an adventure seeker, a sports watch is a must and techie types more often lean toward smartwatches. We’ve listed a few types of watches for you to choose one that matches your personality!

  1. Mechanical Watches

These are among the most expensive type of watches and definitely the most sought-after. Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches are driven by a spring and need regularly wound. At Tufina, we sell hand-assembled mechanical timepieces and bring you the assurance of quality and design excellence.

  1. Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are a subsection of mechanical watches and were first invented around the 18thcentury. As the name suggests, a skeleton watch is stripped completely of its outer trappings, exposing the complicated inner mechanisms that make the watches tick. Collectors love them because of their perceived value and the limited number of manufacturers who can create a good skeleton watch.

  1. Chronograph Watches

These watches were believed to be first made in the 1800s when King Louis XVIII of France wanted accurate timepieces. It’s easy to recognize a chronograph thanks to the many side buttons that can be used as a stopwatch. There are many different types of chronograph watches. Some are designed for sailors to help them keep track of tides and some for doctors to help with monitoring heart rate.

  1. Quartz Watches

The quartz movement was invented by the Japanese around the 1960s when the Seiko Watch Corporation introduced the Astron. It was quite a revolutionary invention in its time because these timepieces no longer required regular winding and kept time regularly. This is one of the reasons quartz watches became and remain so popular today. They don’t require much maintenance, and they are a good practical, everyday watch.

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