Our happy customer Stefan.

Our happy customer Stefan.

Last holiday season I received a very heartfelt email from Stefan. He had bought our Made in Germany Casablanca Theorema. This watch had totally struck him. His email was so genuine that I decided to reply to it. Whilst in the middle of the most hectic time of the year, I wrote to Stefan a long email about my family's history, and how beautiful it is for a young man like Stefan to own a mechanical watch. We wished each other happy holidays and promised to write again soon.

Almost two months passed by and Stefan reached out again. I remember thinking: "It was sweet of him to keep up." We send few emails to find out that we lived in the same neighborhood. That we go to the same coffee shop. That we know some few same faces in the hood. What a surprise! We met the following couple of days later at the coffee shop. The meeting was so fun and spontaneous it lasted hours.

Stefan, Ratko, and Stefan (number two) are a bunch of talented musicians, videographers, hard working young gentlemen that everyone upon meeting them would love to get to know. Not only are they all Tufina lovers, but I am all in love with their artistic talents and good vibes. Find themhere: https://www.casualvideos.com

A week after meeting them,the guys gifted me a video free of charge to show their appreciation.In a cold snowy Chicago gloomy day, they froze until they made their gift happen for me. And so, this post is the least I can do for them.

And to think that it all started with a watch... Yes, at Tufina we bring people closer together!

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