What watch to wear at my event?

What watch to wear at my event?

A watch is an expression of your personality. How you match a watch to what you are wearing makes all the difference, especially if the events differ. 

For Business
In an important business event, it is always recommended to wear a simple classical watch with a leather band. No many complications on the face of the watch. Classical dials and elegant hands are preferred in these type of watches. Stick with tradition and choose a warm color.

For Casual Business
In a more relaxed casual business environment, it is recommended that you show more of your style and boldness. A bigger fuller body watch will be a good fit. You do want a watch that screams out loud quality and upscale. After all this is a casual meeting, and you are trying to impress your network. 

For a First Date
Yes gentlemen, it is true, the polls say that women will look at your watch. Now, do not misunderstand us here. Remember, a watch is a statement of your personality. They will be looking at your watch for one more single detail to get to know you. You want a watch that is both gentleman look and fashionable. You want to convey the message that you are serious, yet fun and modish.

For a Fun Night Out with Friends
Literally, go to town! You are with your friends, and the night is young. In such events a metal band will fit your casual attire better. You do want a comfortable watch; but do not forget, that you want a full designed piece. Meaning that your wristwatch is showcasing so many things all at the same time. At a fun night an eye catcher with contrasted colors is preferred. 


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