A Tufina watch is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her.

A Tufina watch is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her.


Give the luxurious gift of time. Few gifts are as meaningful, practical, and long-lasting as a fine timepiece. Remember a watch lasts longer than chocolate. The ability to look down at a beautifully manufactured wristwatch never gets old. It is hard to find real mechanical ladies watches, most of them are battery operated that look cheap and feel cheap. That is why at Tufina, we made it a commitment to build true mechanical watches for women with the same quality and engineering as for men's watches. A ladies luxury watch should not be hard to find, but truth be told, only a few brands manufacture real timepieces for women without sacrificing their elegance, feminine design, and class. 

1. Tufina Quality

German timepieces are some of the most wanted watches in the market. Given the reputation of the - Made in Germany - products, it comes as no surprise that German watches are some of the best in watchmaking. Known for their precision, master engineering, unique designs, and use of highest technology German watches remain for centuries some of the most luxury watches. 

Made in Germany Lady Butterfly | GM-120-8 | Theorema by Tufina

Each Lady Butterfly watch has twenty jewels in a 41 mm case and uses a mechanical movement. It also is adorned with Swarovski diamonds. The skeleton watch is truly a collector’s pride as only 99 watches in this design were ever made! 

Made in Germany Lady Butterfly Theorema watch by Tufina

Tufina takes pride in the fact that does not differentiate men's watches from women's watches. They are all manufactured with the same diligence. Our ladies watches are hand-design and hand-assembled in Munich, Germany. They come with 2-years international warranty with a booklet, original luxury box, and a Tufina greeting card. Computer testing ensures that these timepieces work perfectly, guaranteeing the highest accuracy for power reserved timepieces. 

2. Tufina Designs 

Each watch starts with a pen and paper, believe it or not. It's an inspiration that comes within us, and it has purpose, meaning, and legacy. With a history starting back in 1828, Tufina luxury latches carry a legacy of superb engineering and craftsmanship, perfectly aligned with Germany’s watchmaking principles. Creating art by generating elegance through movement is something that at Tufina is a staple of existence. 

Made in Germany Madame Butterfly | GM-123-5 | Theorema by Tufina

An automatic timepiece with 22 jewels and 82 Swarovski crystals is the watch we made in honor of all the wonderful strong women with a heart of gold. This watch is for every smart woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter, best friend, or any special madame. 


Making a mechanical true watch for women has always been a dream for many years at Tufina. What an achievement this has been for us. We are very proud of this unique and rare master timepiece. We hope that every woman that will wear this will be as proud as us. Be empowered with it! Something colorful for our amazing madame's in our lives. A twist for those special moments that need to be remembered. Timeless style and effortless versatility.

3. Tufina values 

How do we make watches? With attention, planning, and careful execution; hundreds of little parts come together to make each timepiece a scientific marvel, as well as a work of art. Tufina’s rigorous process requires structured time in the thinking, creating, design and testing phases. Each watch undergoes 3-4 rounds of testing. All-in-all, each watch can involve anywhere between 8 months to one-and-a-half years to reach completion.

His & Hers Bundle of Love

There are a lot of props to give to these watches. Their face execution is exquisite, and the design formula for this collection is extravagant. It makes you lust at its ingenuity. The anticipation you feel while winding and putting this watch on is priceless. Theorema did not cut any corners on the making of this model.
His & Hers Bundle: Handmade German Watches - GM-116-7 and GM-120-2We are veterans in our work with mechanical watches. Unlike battery watches, our kinetically-powered watches consume absolutely no amount of artificial or battery capacity. The synthetic jewels in the watch are rubies - they are implanted in order to smoothen the movements of the tightly-arranged metal parts in the watch, preventing any grinding together and loss of energy. It tremendously adds to its accuracy.

4. Tufina heritage 

Mechanical watches if maintained can be passed down generations. What a special gift to start a new family heirloom. At a very important moment in a loved ones life you can give them a family significant memory gift. At Tufina we are a family of 8 generations and understand very well the meaning of heirloom and heritage. We appreciate today gifts given to us that belonged to our great grandmothers or grandfather. 

Automatic Theorema Madame Butterfly collection Made in Germany by Tufina
Keeping our forefathers vision in mind, we are committed to creating partnerships through our watches that benefit all. Our consumer base is built on authentic, long-lasting relationships with all those who believe in the rewards of tradition and style. Our customers are not just our customers - we look to them for guidance and inspiration. We make watches for them to be able to have strong relationships and family traditions, too.

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