What are the pros of a Tufina mechanical watch?

What are the pros of a Tufina mechanical watch?

For the watch lover it is known that mechanical watches are the best of the best in watches. One of the reasons they prefer them so much is the tradition behind mechanical watches. To keep in continuity the true concept of watchmaking. For these admirers wearing a mechanical watch it is not just the idea of putting on a timepiece, but they carry on the history of craftsmanship and engineering that goes into creating these complicated timepieces.  


  • Personality- By wearing a TheoremaorPioniermechanical watch from the Tufina collection you are expressing more than just the simple act of wearing a watch, but you are caring with you a tradition that started in 1828. You are featuring a piece that carries with it the history of watchmaking.

  • Intelligence- With a Tufina mechanical watch you are stating that you value intelligence. It is unbelievable the work involved in creating these masterpieces. The springs and gears inside the watch that are so interwind to give you that true original "tick tick tick" sound that no other watch can deliver. The many hours spent by our watchmakers perfecting the mechanism that is showcased to you in our many designs. 

  • Intimacy - You create a close relation to the watch by winding it. The smooth tactile process of manually winding the watch and seeing the inner work movement getting power reserve because of your touch gives you the astonishing feeling of closure with your wristwatch.   

  • No battery needed- No trip to the local jeweler to change your battery. No worries to keep track of the last time you changed your battery for fear of leakages inside your movement. Your mechanical watch can last for generations. When it stops ticking, just wind it up.  

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