What are the benefits of a mechanical watch?

What are the benefits of a mechanical watch?

Mechanical watches  are more than just time-telling devices; they are some of the finest masterpieces of engineering and design that have attracted ladies and gentlemen for ages. In a world dominated by digital technology and smartwatches, mechanical watches have managed to retain their charm and elegance. They offer a plethora of benefits over their electronic counterparts, including unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and durability. Moreover, the intricate details and craftsmanship that go into making a mechanical watch make them not just a fashion accessory but a statement piece. If you’re considering purchasing a mechanical watch, read on to discover the remarkable benefits of owning such a timepiece.

These are two mechanical watches for men from Tufina. One is a gold skeleton watch for men with a stainless steel bracelet. The other one is a silver watch for men with a skeleton dial mixed with golden elements.

A mechanical watch has a soul

The precision mechanical movement of this timekeeping machine is a true marvel of technology. It's incredible to see how such a small mechanism can house so much precision and engineering. The development process for such a miniaturized device is often underestimated, as it requires countless patents and specialized materials, as well as decades of optimization. Even today, it would be challenging to create a  movement  of this caliber from scratch without these essential components. This process is similar to engine construction in the automotive industry, which also requires a high level of precision and engineering expertise.

The movement is fascinating

Observing mechanical movements in action through a transparent caseback can be an enthralling experience. While components such as the balance and escapement move quickly, other parts also play a crucial role in the precise interlocking of these tiny components. Embellishments such as the "Geneva stripes" on the  Tufina Basel Tourbillon  or a "perlage" can further enhance the movement, and colored galvanized components or blued screws can add refined touches. Additionally, vibrant red rubies in the bearing points create stylish color accents in the overall artwork.

It's generally impressive to witness the precision with which each component is manufactured and finished, as the mechanical watch world relies on micrometer-level precision (one-thousandth of a millimeter). Few technical devices demand such high levels of accuracy as a mechanical watch.

Added Convenience

In contrast to quartz watches, which rely on batteries, a mechanical watch utilizes mechanical energy that is acquired from movement and saved in a spring. This implies that there is no need to worry about the watch stopping due to a drained battery. If you invest in a reliable mechanical watch and provide it with proper maintenance and service, it could continue to operate for an extended period, potentially even until the end of time.

A mechanical watch speaks well of its owner 

Naturally, a wristwatch does not communicate literally, but its symbolic significance is undeniable. While there are numerous symbols we surround ourselves with, a wristwatch holds a significant role. The message conveyed varies depending on the type of watch. However, a mechanical watch is a testament to its wearer's conscious living and aspirations.

This is a gold men watch from Tufina. This German mechanical watch for men comes with a stainless steel bracelet. It is a skeleton dial gold watch with skeleton hands.

Mechanical watches take your style to another level

For many men, owning a collection of watches is essential. However, those who value their style and reputation are unlikely to allow a subpar watch to affect their image. Mechanical watches today are far from cheap and simple, unlike their economic quartz counterparts. They have been refined, improved, and designed to make a statement no matter where the wearer goes. Some models even have a glass top and backside, allowing you to observe the gears and mechanics of your watch as they operate.

By investing in a mechanical timepiece, maintaining a fashionable appearance becomes effortless. These accessories are visually appealing, and wearing a mechanical watch is considered a status symbol in society. Additionally, mechanical watches can easily match any outfit, whether it is a formal dinner party, a job interview, or a business meeting.

A mechanical watch is durable

One major advantage of mechanical watches is their remarkable durability. These timepieces are crafted with intricate precision, allowing them to withstand the test of time and even be passed down through generations. Instead of constantly switching up your entire look, a single high-quality mechanical watch can last you a lifetime as long as you take care of it and have it serviced regularly. In fact, it's been said that certain mechanical watches can continue ticking for up to 100 years if properly stored and protected from the elements. This level of longevity cannot be compared to quartz and other watch types that are often discarded after just a year.

Casablanca is a mechanical watch for men. This Tufina mechanical watch has a gold case and brown real leather band. It is a skeleton dial gold watch with a blue sub dial and Roman numerals.

They showcase exemplary craftsmanship

One of the key features that distinguishes these timepieces is their significance. The artistry involved in mechanical watches is not only captivating, but also showcases an exceptional level of creativity and skill. The process of putting together hundreds of tiny parts, all moving and functioning in unison to keep time, requires expertise and precision engineering. Wearing such a watch on your wrist is like carrying a marvel of engineering with you at all times. It's remarkable that many of the contemporary mechanical watches in the market today still use the same technology that was invented and utilized centuries ago.

Great value for the money

One of the advantages of owning a mechanical watch is its inherent value due to superior craftsmanship and historical technology. In comparison to other types of watches, mechanical watches are considered more valuable, especially when considering the construction materials. For instance, if you were to buy a  Tufina Zurich Tourbillon  today, you would invest in a timepiece that will preserve its pristine condition for years. In 10 years time, you will still own a precious tourbillon timepiece. The production of exceptional mechanical watches involves a meticulous and time-consuming process of designing, refining, assembling, and manufacturing, which ultimately contributes to their high cost.

Vintage timepieces are special

Mechanical wristwatches have an impressive lifespan, often lasting for generations. This durability means that you can easily find vintage mechanical watches that are widely available and highly sought after. People are drawn to vintage watches not only for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail but also for the unique signs of aging and patina they display. These watches have a story to tell, one that can't be replicated by a brand new timepiece. The history and experiences a vintage watch has undergone over the years can often be inferred by the model and any battle scars it may have, but that's a conversation for another time. All things considered, we can confidently say that mechanical timepieces are some of the most fascinating pieces of jewelry one can own.

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