Valentine's Day gift idea for him.

Valentine's Day gift idea for him.


Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It has become a significant cultural celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. Luxury watches make the perfect Valentine's Day gifts. Gifting a watch is a way to tell someone that you care about them, and want to be present in their everyday life. 

Here are some recommendations on what to buy him for Valentine's Day. 

1.Made in Germany Milano Pionier

A perfect timepiece for the cosmopolitan man. The newest addition to our store. Made in Germany Milano Pionier is the epitome of mastery with his automatic mechanical skeleton see through design and high-end quality. The skeleton design allows the admirer to fall in love with the magnificent gears of the mechanism. Available inventory on this collection is very limited, that is why we advise you get it while you can. Hand-assembled in Munich, Germany. A wonderful skeletonized and fully engraved watch plated with 5 microns high-grade.

2.Automatic dual-time Newport Pionier Germany

A perfect timepiece for the sportsman. Newport Pionier is a true automatic German glory. A well thought design with a big dial and skeletonized hands in an open heart look. A multi-tone and multi-color face that will attract every wearer of different styles. The bi-direction winding with even the slightest of wrist movement makes this automatic watch a perfect timepiece for everyday use. Considering the astonishing longevity of its power reserve along with the 22 rubies jewels in-house movement the accuracy at this price range is very satisfactory. 



3.Made in Germany Tirona Chronograph

A perfect timepiece for the classical man.You can never go wrong with a chronograph. We didn't invent watches, but we put our every love and energy into it. Tirona Chronograph collection is a great elapsed-time tool watch with amazing technical and color combinations. There is beauty in the classiness of the face with the three sub-dials. Chronograph watches are a thing of complex beauty. Tirona Pionier it’s a clean powerful watch with a semi-industrial sport and semi-classical feel and looks. An added date feature displayed harmoniously on the face of the watch.

Why gift a Tufina watch?

Every collection is exceptionally limited. There is no mass production. Each single watch is hand-designed and individually hand-assembled in Germany. Every collection comes in a very rare style with different color combinations. Prime quality materials are used. No cutting corners in manufacturing of our timepieces. And, we will always accompany our wristwatches with an honest price tag. Like growing a beard or wearing a certain type of eyeglasses frame are personal statements, a Tufina watch statement is both aesthetic and practical. With a Tufina you know that you are always wearing the right watch at the right setting. Our watch will power along with you, no need to recharge it like a smartphone. Mechanical watches are perfect because of the kinetic energy. There is no more valuable asset than time for us. A Tufina watch will keep you motivated and not distract you with notifications. You will build a meaningful relationship with your timepiece, because it is a reminder to enjoy your time. For 200 years we have been embodied in the world of watches and believe us when we state that a watch is an investment that never goes out of style.

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