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Tufina's Lifestyle

A watch is a part of your apparel, and when you wear a respectable one, you'll not only look good, but also feel good about yourself. A high-quality timepiece will be timeless and beloved by every wearer or the next generation you give it to. A good and unique watch like Tufina tells people a lot about you, it communicates your personality and taste, and it’s something you can incorporate into any look. 

The type of watch you wear shows your level of sophistication and social status. With many different brands and designs in the market, your watch choice nowadays can really make you stand out. Wearing a Tufina watch takes a special mindset and a unique self confidence. 

Why is wearing a Tufina watch special?

A Tufina wristwatch is more than a time-keeper. It is a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece with extreme craftsmanship. Since the early 1800s our family has emerged in the world of watchmaking counting tens of master watchmakers and eight generations later still doing with eagerness what our forefathers mastered. 

A watch design at Tufina is inherently artistic. Art and mechanical engineering come together to create some perfect unique timepieces. Some of our designs are so unique that it would be hard to find elsewhere in the market. Our watch movements arouse as much fascination as the dial and case for many people.

Successful people know the importance of buying and using a quality watch in business and even in their personal lives. Take the effort to purchase a quality Tufina timepiece crafted for successful professionals, for artists, mechanics, business persons, doctors, influencers etc. Every walk of life is covered in our many collections with distinct styles. 

Photo showing Copacabana Theorema from Tufina Luxury Watches which are Handmade in Germany.

Why wear a Tufina luxury watch?

At Tufina we find joy when our watches accompany you through your life's events. Walk down the aisle with a master flying Tufina tourbillon. Start your new best job with a precise see-through Tufina mechanical skeleton. You will not be late for your kids first day of school while wearing a contemporary Tufina automatic calendar timepiece. Let our watch tick year after year with your heartbeat. 

There’s nothing quite like unboxing a luxurious Tufina watch. Like jewellery, there’s the moment of suspense when you slide open the watch box to see what’s inside. For this we encourage you to buy a Tufine watch as a gift. It will never be forgotten. Whether you gift it to a friend or the love of your life, the message is clear, our time together is a treasure. 

When you learn to value and respect time, you are more responsible with it, which is an important life principle. People who have a passion for Tufina watches are often more accountable and productive in every aspect of their life. Make sure that you choose the right Tufina watch that works best according to your budget and needs. We have you covered. 

What makes a Tufina watch unique?

Every collection is exceptionally limited. There is no mass production. Each single watch is hand-designed and individually hand-assembled in Germany. Every collection comes in a very rare style with different color combinations. Prime quality materials are used. No cutting corners in manufacturing of our timepieces. And, we will always accompany our wristwatches with an honest price tag. 

Like growing a beard or wearing a certain type of eyeglasses frame are personal statements, a Tufina watch statement is both aesthetic and practical. With a Tufina you know that you are always wearing the right watch at the right setting. Our watch will power along with you, no need to recharge it like a smartphone. Mechanical watches are perfect because of the kinetic energy. 

There is no more valuable asset than time for us. A Tufina watch will keep you motivated and not distract you with notifications. You will build a meaningful relationship with your timepiece, because it is a reminder to enjoy your time. For 200 years we have been embodied in the world of watches and believe us when we state that a watch is an investment that never goes out of style. 

Photo of Buenos Aires Theorema luxury watch from Tufina Official.

Are mechanical watches still worth buying?

Unlike most fashion accessories, watches are complicated objects with different complications. It is safe to say that mechanical watches remain significantly interesting. A mechanical watch requires mastership and hours of meticulous labor to make. Mechanical engineering at its best within a small space that involves hundreds of small parts coordinating perfectly with each other. A machinery so impressive that has everyone mesmerized. 

There is a novelty that comes along with mechanical watches. Centuries of tradition that have survived the test of time. Special mechanical movement and higher quality material, fit and finish in these watches make it all worth it. Prime materials such as sapphire crystals, rubies jewels, stainless steel highest grade, diamonds, genuine leather straps and many more set the game apart from other accessories. 

More than 100 different parts are inside a luxury mechanical watch. All require manufacturing and hand assembling. Can you imagine what this entitles? This is one of the reasons why mechanical watches have a much longer lifespan than quartz watches. Although it’s more expensive to buy a mechanical watch than normal quartz watches, mechanical watches are definitely worth buying.

What is a tourbillon watch?

Tufina proudly carries three home-made tourbillons. It is an indicator of watchmaking of the highest quality. Very few manufacturers are even able to produce this complex watchmaking masterpiece. A tourbillon is meant to improve accuracy. By constantly changing its position, it eliminates any gravity-related deviations. Watches with tourbillons are usually a bit expensive compared to watches without them.

Our  Made in Germany Zùrich Tourbillon Theorema  is a timeless crafting mastery. A very limited collection with outstanding German engineering. High-end luxury mechanical tourbillon with enduring quality. Handmade with the highest technology. The dynamic movement of the tourbillon gives life to this timepiece. The hand-made Zürich tourbillon is a mechanical beauty that boosts accuracy and has a complex mechanism with the power evenly distributed towards the escapement in such a way that it looks as if it is caressing it.

Basel Tourbillon Pionier advertisement showing couple of beautiful and luxury watches from Tufina.

Our  Made in Germany Co-Axial Geneva Tourbillon Pionier  is such a superlative watch! A fantastic open-heart face with 12 diamonds. This concept allows you to have a clear look at the caliber. This masterpiece is in a constant state of motion and will energize you along. Very easy to read and a really impressive finish. Not all watches are created equal. Endless comfort and style. Highest mechanical engineering performance with this Co-Axial automatic tourbillon collection. 

Our  Made in Germany flying Basel Tourbillon Pionier  is an anti-gravity watch on your wrist, a rare masterpiece. Accuracy to perfection is what sets our limited edition Basel Tourbillon apart from anything else. The shock protection adds to its wonderful mechanical and technological engineering. The Made in Germany Basel Tourbillon Pionier exhibits all ingenuity in the most classical and genuine way possible. An iconic complication in watchmaking made available to you for a respectful price tag.

Tufina's Mechanical Ladies Watches

To create and manufacture a woman's mechanical watch is a daunting experience for any independent watchmaker. Most of the ladies' watches in the market are plastic and battery-operated. At Tufina, we wanted to give the ladies the same opportunities as men's watches. A real watch! A mechanical masterpiece! A unique timepiece! A true full skeleton hand-wind power reserve or automatic wristwatch made for ladies.

Photo of Madame Butterfly Theorema a beautiful and luxury mechanical watch from women from Tufina.

The  Made in Germany "Lady Butterfly" Theorema  with 11 Swarovski stones is an homage to all the ladies that always felt they could rarely find the right wristwatch for them. It is not small, yet not extra big. The way it operates makes it a traditional timepiece. There are no mistakes with this watch. A very fine polishing job that will seat smoothly on any lady's wrist. Our female customers will love wearing this timepiece. This watch is the perfect style statement for every occasion.

Timeless style and effortless versatility in the  Made in Germany Madame Butterfly Theorema  with 82 Swarovski. An automatic timepiece with 22 jewels and 82 Swarovski crystals is the watch we made in honor of all the wonderful strong women, but with a heart of gold. This watch is for every smart woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter, best friend, or any special madame. Making a mechanical true watch for women has always been a dream for many years at Tufina. What an achievement this has been for us.

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