Tufina Watches: History, Collections, & What You Need To Know.

Tufina Watches: History, Collections, & What You Need To Know.

Tufina is a  German watch  company that is getting more and more popular with both watch aficionados and the general public. Our company goes back in time and carries an amazing story which not many people are aware of. With a long experience in artisanal watchmaking and a deep expertise in mechanical timepieces, our craftsmen have built a renowned legacy in the field of horology. Today, we produce some of the nicest mechanical watches in the market. Popular for our detailed designs and diverse price range. Read on to learn more about our intriguing family company.


Tufina has  centuries  of experience in clock mechanisms, from the old-fashioned clock towers to pocket-watches and modern tourbillon watches. This enterprise of watchmaking began in the early 1800s when Ismail Tufina, our 8th grandfather, a traveler-jeweler from Tirana, journeyed to Istanbul and met Edward Prior, a British clockmaker. Ismail was able to learn about the European trade of watchmaking from Prior and passed on the knowledge of his family's jewelry business in exchange.

For centuries, the Tufina family has had a long history of expertise in horology. Everything began with the tower clocks and long case clocks, then the pocket watches, and eventually the wristwatches for gentlemen. Over the last generations, our family has partnered with some of the top watch companies in Europe, while also operating as a strong, independent business. Throughout this time, we have remained devoted to our traditional values and heritage.


Master watchmaker Fiqiri Tufina: History of Tufina Watches


In the 1940s in Tirana Tufina owned 23 stores. In 1948, however, our family members were arrested, killed, and mistreated by the dictatorial government in Albania. Our wealth was taken away from us, including our tools and machines. Despite the difficulty of the situation, some still managed to preserve our watchmaking activities, though now everything was under the control of the state. Eventually, the communist regime confiscated all of our businesses and properties.

Right after the fall of the  Berlin Wall, Enis Tufina, who back then was a  professional soccer player  for the national team and  KF. Tirana  fled Albania because of the oppressive government. He pursued his footballing aspirations in Germany. Unfortunately, a serious injury to his knee impeded his career, and he was forced to abandon his pursuit of football. At that point, he chose to rebirth the family's tradition of watchmaking. In 2004, he launched and licensed Tufina's brands of  Theorema  and  Pionier. Since then, Tufina has been producing hand-assembled watches in Pforzheim and Munich and selling them in many countries through our eCommerce platform.

Master watchmaker Shefki Tufina


Theorema Germany

Consider  Theorema  watches as a perfect accessory for a special occasion or exclusive event. For instance, the  Zurich Tourbillon  could be a perfect pick for an annual gathering with your closest friends. The striking  St. Petersburg  can be a suitable choice for a significant professional meeting you need to ace. Additionally,  Macau  is a great selection for an intimate date at a romantic riverside restaurant or an upscale bistro. Wearing one of these watches will give off the impression that you take things seriously while still being stylish. The skeletonized structure of these timepieces allows you to get a peek into their inner workings. With machinery and gears that are visible to the eye, you can recognize the sophisticated methods used for crafting these accurate machineries.

Zurich Tourbillon Theorema by Tufina
Pionier Germany

The Pionier collection is ideal for the innovative and modern businessman, as the name implies. Every timepiece provides the wearer with a combination of an elegant and a novel look. The  Geneva Tourbillon, a limited edition watch, is a perfect example of this, with a tough exterior and intricate interior. Likewise, the  Tirona Chronograph  has a modern design and is extremely practical.London Diamonds  is another watch from this collection, with intricate details and high-quality fashion style. To top it off,  Boston  is a stunning piece of art which has an orderly appearance to it, with a sleek and sharp composition. Wearing any of these watches will make you look the best-dressed person in the room.

Geneva Tourbillon Pionier watch by Tufina

What You Need To Know

Watch Material

Tufina watches are a luxury watch option for those looking for a high-end timepiece. The watches are made from finest materials, including stainless steel and stainless steel gold plated 5 microns. Additionally, these watches are made with genuine cow leather for a unique look and feel. All of these materials are carefully chosen to ensure that each watch is of the highest quality. The combination of these high-end materials provides a timeless and stylish look that will last for years. As a result,  Tufina watches are the perfect choice for those seeking a luxury watch that is made of fine materials without breaking the bank.

Strap Options

These timepieces are a perfect blend of luxury and style. They offer a diverse collection of straps that can upgrade any outfit. Choose from classic leather straps in brown, blue, black, or white. Go for a more exotic look with a leather strap featuring a fish skin pattern. Or, if you want to make a statement, look no further than the stainless steel gold, silver, or black bracelets. Whichever one you choose, you know that a Tufina luxury watch will make you look and feel your best. They also provide different buckle options such as deployment buckles, butterfly buckles and standard buckles for optimal security.

Color Schemes

Tufina offers a wide selection of luxury watches in a range of different colors. From classic gold to modern rose, silver, black, white, and blue, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a timeless classic or something more contemporary, Tufina has you covered. Our watches are designed to be stylish and fashionable, yet remain comfortable and durable. With a variety of designs, sizes, and styles, you can find the perfect watch to fit your look. 

Skeletonized designs

These watches are renowned for their luxurious skeleton designs. Whether it's an open heart or back design or a fully skeletonized composition, these watches are designed for maximum visibility and style. The skeleton hands feature double colors for a striking and bold look, or luminous hands for an even more distinctive flair. With intricate designs that reveal the inner workings of the watch, the skeleton watches from Tufina are truly unique and luxurious. Not only are they eye-catching pieces of art, but they are also incredibly accurate and reliable. Tufina's  luxury skeleton watches  come in a variety of styles, options and colors to suit any taste. 

Skeleton watch Rio Theorema Made in Germany by Tufina

Mechanical Watches

In these collections you will find a wide range of mechanical watches. They are all hand-crafted and made with in-house movements that incorporate rubies. Some of these timepieces come with an Incabloc-type shock protection system, which is specially designed to protect the movement and keep it running accurately. The Incabloc-type technology is designed so that the balance staff and jewel bearings are securely cushioned in their own individual mountings. Ultimately, Tufina’s  mechanical watches  are designed to provide the highest possible accuracy and precision.

Chronograph Options

Tufina offers a selection of chronograph watches that are both stylish and functional. Crafted from silver and gold, these timepieces feature in-house quartz movements for accurate time telling. The chronograph also includes a date calendar and water resistance of up to 5 ATM, making them suitable for everyday wear. Whether you're looking for a classic style or something more modern, Tufina has a timepiece to suit your needs. With their combination of quality materials and reliable movements, the chronograph timepieces from Tufina will keep you on time and in style.


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