Top 5 Tufina Watches Alternatives Under $300

Top 5 Tufina Watches Alternatives Under $300

In this post, we round up the 5 best Tufina watch alternatives that you can buy for less than $300. Read on to see the full list!

So, you’re interested in a Tufina Watch. Maybe through a partner, friend, or a beautiful person on social media, you’ve uncovered this captivating watch brand. With 200 years in watchmaking, the company is proudly family owned. From mechanical watches, to skeleton watches, chronographs or tourbillons, at Tufina you will find them all in hand-designed, hand-assembled and in a very limited stock. All Tufina watches come with a 2-years international warranty, original luxury box, booklet, and a Tufina greeting card. 

1. Mechanical watch Melbourne Theorema Germany

The meticulous craftsmanship, and the abundance of German ingenuity make the Melbourne collection a must have. It will pair well with suits, but at the same time, it will fit your casual wear. Don’t miss a minute of your day with a reliable mechanic on your wrist. The real star of the watch is the engraved design on the dial. What a splendor it is to be able to marvel the movement of this masterpiece, just check the back. A true timeless design and distinct details you will notice each time you put it on. The very best of hand finishing that can be achieved today. Watch enthusiasts with a smaller budget should be excited at the creation of this collection.

Melbourne Theorema collection mechanical watch brown leather

2. Made in Germany London Diamonds Pionier 

Automatic sunny skeleton dial with a date function and a see-through design. Exquisite diamonds placing in this luxury mechanism with a fantastic dial design. This timepiece is a bold and functional watch, as well very fashionable. The skeleton dial in with sunny date function give the extra touches purpose. London Diamonds collection it’s a nice mix between a classic watch with a lot of modern approaches in design. A vibrating look with a distinctive timeless fashion. The Made in Germany London diamonds Pionier watch is meant to attract new people to the German brand. You can see that they were trying to produce something special. A smooth automatic movement powers its handsome skeletonized dial.

Automatic diamonds Made in Germany London Pionier from Tufina Watches


3. Dual-time automatic Made in Germany Copenhagen Theorema

Heritage, workmanship, and complexity, it has it all! An open heart design in a skeleton dial with a dual-time and moon-phase contributions. The projection of the German mastery is in full appearance here. The character of this timepiece only deepens with time. Modern yet classic with a versatile and sophisticated look, this finely detailed Made in Germany Copenhagen collection lends a touch of edge and sleek to an everyday and on the go fashion. It is built to last and represent quality. Make yourself a part of it. Once in your possession you will find yourself not going anywhere without it on your wrist. Thoughtfully custom designed and carefully crafted for the passionate watch lover. It has it all, sporty, classy, playful, and so much more to offer. A go to provider of quality and value.

Automatic dual-time Made in Germany Copenhagen Theorema from Tufina Watches


4. In-house 20 rubies jewels automatic Made in Germany Istanbul Theorema 

The style on the Made in Germany Istanbul Theorema is different from any other watch in our store. Its unique design empathizes on the different styles of architecture. Istanbul Theorema was designed specifically for the sophisticated trendy gentleman. Made in Germany Istanbul Theorema it's an unpredictable timepiece with its mysterious design. At the same time what makes it beautiful is yet it's simplicity. Fuel your confidence with a timepiece that will constantly perfect itself over time while ensuring lasting precision. A vibrating look with a distinctive timeless fashion with premium materials. It is a durable and functional timepiece. We are so proud of this flawless collection. It was crafted to be lived and well-loved. Go ahead. Enjoy wearing this beautiful piece.

In-house 20 rubies jewels automatic Made in Germany Istanbul Theorema from Tufina Watches


5. Made in Germany Tirona Chronograph Pionier

From concept to competition, this watch carries the iconic Made in Germany glory. And from an engineering standpoint, there is a great deal of elegance showcased with this watch. The first thing noticeable is the refined design. The undisputed perfect practical timepiece. We didn't invent watches, but we put our every love and energy into it. Tirona Chronograph collection is a great elapsed-time tool watch with amazing technical and color combinations. There is beauty in the classiness of the face with the three sub-dials. Chronograph watches are a thing of complex beauty. Tirona Pionier it’s a clean powerful watch with a semi-industrial sport and semi-classical feel and looks. An added date feature displayed harmoniously on the face of the watch.

Made in Germany Tirona chronograph Pionier from Tufina Watches

If you’ve gotten this far that means that you really want to own a Tufina watch. As a family business in a world of giants nothing else will make us happier than having you become part of our family. The best watch to buy is one that you can grow to appreciate more the longer you own it.

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