Top 5 Must-Have Tufina Luxury Watches for Your Collection

Top 5 Must-Have Tufina Luxury Watches for Your Collection

A luxury watch collection is incomplete without a Tufina timepiece. The brand has created luxurious yet affordable watches, and it is renowned for its stunning skeleton watch collection. Each Tufina luxury watch is handmade in Germany by expert horologists and comes with a two-year warranty. Theorema and Pionier, the two brands from Tufina, have many well-loved watches for watch enthusiasts of all kinds. 

Let’s take a look at the top five must-have Tufina watches for every luxury watch connoisseur.

  1. Theorema Casablanca 

Theorema Casablanca has earned its reputation as one of the best-selling Tufina watches because of its impeccable watchmaking, attention to detail, and fashionable designs. Every Theorema watch is a stunning heirloom that carries value. It is available in metal and leather bands, and this luxury timepiece is perfect for all occasions, whether it be a boardroom meeting or while flying first class. 

  1. Lady Butterfly 

The Lady Butterfly is perfect for female luxury watch enthusiasts. It is designed in an entirely skeletal case, and this watch portrays power while still embracing femininity. Each Lady Butterfly watch has twenty jewels in a 41 mm case and uses a mechanical movement. It also is adorned with Swarovski diamonds. The skeleton watch is truly a collector’s pride as only 99 watches in the design were ever made! This watch is the perfect style statement for every occasion. 

  1. Theorema Newton 

Do you love Roman numerals on your watch dial? Then, you cannot go wrong with a Newton Theorema. The serene gold face is marked with Roman numerals, perfect for complementing the wardrobe choices of today’s stylish gentlemen. Exquisite diamond placement and precise German-made automatic movement make Tufina Newton Theorema a classic timepiece. It is a must-have in any luxury watch collection. 

  1. Pionier Miami

The Miami is part of the Tufina Pionier brand and appeals to those who are more adventurous. The watch is perfectly designed for work meetings or a night out on the town. The fine detailing and a touch of versatile fashion are hallmarks of the Miami collection. This timepiece is an extraordinary luxury item and adorned with Swarovski diamonds. 

  1. Pionier New York 

This watch is one of the most noteworthy styles from Tufina. The New York collection showcases a shift in the design ethos of the brand. The dial face displays day, date, and month and has Roman numerals to indicate the time. It is also encased in a bold gold or silver case to give the watch a stylish look. The inner bezel also has a tachymeter and is partly a skeleton. The New York is versatile and edgy, perfect for those who push boundaries. 

Tufina promises free shipping and quick delivery on all orders. Add Tufina timepieces to your luxury watch collection and enjoy the confidence that comes with wearing an authentic German-made watch. 


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