Top 5 best sold Pionier watches for 2020

Top 5 best sold Pionier watches for 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, Tufina thought would be nice to showcase the top 5 best sold Pionier watches for 2020. These are watches that our customers freely chose, which might help you to make your choice. 

1. Automatic Chicago Diamonds Pionier
A VIRTUOSO WATCH FOR A VIRTUOSO MAN! Let's start with the basics. It is a two-tone sector dial, the inner one is engraved with a unique pattern, and the outer track is where the real diamonds 0.05 karat are placed. All the sub-dials classically seat on the face in gold color. The hands inside the sub-dials are very elegant.The aesthetics of the Chicago Diamonds Pionier watch are completed by the amazing Breguet hands, named after Abraham Louis Breguet who invented them. The real star of the watch is the open heart design by the bridge of the watch. The splendor of being able to marvel the speeding movement of this masterpiece. 

2. Made in Germany Florida Pionier
This watch is meant to attract new people to the German brand. You can see that they were trying to produce something special. On the wrist, this watch fits very comfortably. German engineering along with the careful hand assembly make for a combination of the perfect watch. If you want a thoroughly contemporary mechanical wristwatch that doesn't just look the part, this is it. You will get a sense of supreme confidence when you strap this watch around your wrist. It is a watch that its beauty gets better with time. In every look at it, you will discover endless details. As with all the other Pionier watches, this is a watch made for men. A gentlemen's brand with real big watches that have a strong message to convey.  

3. Made in Germany Hawaii Pionier 
The marvelous finish on the case and the sturdy sophisticated look will make for an unforgettable timepiece. If you show this watch love, it will love you back more.  Under the sapphire coated glass lay the marvels of a wonderful watch face that will have you hooked at first look. With its big face and the Roman numerals, one thing that will catch your attention is the sun and moon phase. This dual time automatic watch is not only fashionable but highly practical. The elegant bridge design that allows the showcasing of the mechanism will mesmerize anyone. Everything about this watch screams precision. 

4. Made in Germany Geneva Pionier 
INDIVIDUALLY HANDMADE TOURBILLON.  AUTOMATIC CO-AXIAL - LIMITED EDITION. A contemporary unique tourbillon, only 51 pieces ever made. This masterpiece has been 5 years in the making. At Pionier Germany, they have been envisioning this superb tourbillon since 2015. It was a lot of hard work, but it has been nicely executed. What a fantastic design and a grand quality wristwatch. It brings enhanced performance and reliability. The very best of hand-finishing that can be achieved today, you can find it in the Made in Germany Geneva Tourbillon Pionier. A fantastic open heart face with 12 diamonds. The Geneva Tourbillon combines better timekeeping accuracy with sheer beauty.

5. Made in Germany Amsterdam Pionier

From an engineering standpoint, there is a great deal of elegance showcased with this watch. The first thing noticeable is the refined design. A full calendar feature displayed harmoniously on the face of the watch. There is beauty in the simplicity of the face of this watch. The revolutionary crown with its spreading wings. In order to set up the calendar, you push the wings. Pionier wants you to look at this watch and see the luxury. Pionier wants you to fall in love with the strong German design. The Amsterdam it's a clean powerful watch with a semi-industrial sport and semi-classical feel and looks. The front is all about the looks and flip to see the back is all about the traditional watchmaking. This is a big modern European watch. The large concept of this watch is in fact for people that like a sturdy masculine wristwatch.

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