Tips to Help You Maintain a Mechanical Watch

Tips to Help You Maintain a Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches are prized possessions, and with proper care and maintenance, they can last for several decades and be passed on as heirlooms. In fact, vintage mechanical watches sell for thousands of dollars at auctions. If you’ve purchased your firstTheoremaorPionier, here are a few tips for maintaining it:

  1. Clean Your Watch Regularly

Watches attract a lot of dirt and grime, so regular cleanings are recommended. Before cleaning, always check manufacturer instructions, so you don’t accidentally void the warranty. Usually, the best way to clean a watch is to wipe the face of the watch with a soft, microfiber cloth. Manufacturers often advise against using alcohol or other chemical-based liquids on a watch as it could affect the gloss on the straps. Leather straps must be wiped with a dry cloth and watch cases must be kept away from moisture to prevent damaging the watch.

  1. Water Resistance has its Limits

Most modern watches are typically splash resistant, i.e., they can resist water up to 30 meters Keep in mind that this does not mean the watch will last indefinitely under these circumstances. These should not be worn while showering or swimming. A watch that can be worn during a shower must have at least 50-meters resistance power, and if you’re planning to go swimming, it must have a minimum of 100-meters resistance. If you’re swimming in salt water or chlorinated water, your watch is likely to become corroded, so make sure you immediately clean your watch after a swim.

  1. Keep Away from Extreme Conditions

Watches cannot withstand extreme temperatures. You should not wear your watch while in a Jacuzzi or sauna. Also, magnetic fields can disturb the accuracy of your watch, so you need to buy a demagnetizer if you’re likely to use your watch in such conditions. While most modern watches are anti-shock, they should not be worn during an intense activity like a game of tennis or golf. If you own a vintage watch, keep it away from strong chemicals, perfumes, and hand creams. These could leech through the case and soil the dial. Older watches and luxury watches should be stored in a well-lined watch box when not in use.

But most importantly, mechanical watches must be wound regularly. If you’re looking for good quality German watches at a price you can afford, check out all of our watches!



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  • Michael Dello

    I have purchased 3 different watches on 3 different years here in TUFINA, and each one of them really amaze me, all my 3 watches I considered them a lifetime treasure decided to pass to my 3 kids. That legacy of Tufina will continue.. And I will keep purchasing until I can..

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