The watch inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.

The watch inspired by Sir Isaac Newton.

The T4004 Made in Germany Newton is a rarity for Theorema Watches. This masterpiece is cased in stainless steel A+ grade. The sunny look date calendar is an interesting development for the German manufacturers. Theorema has been carefully working with the concept of the golden skeleton inner dial along the open heart movement. A skeletonized rotor like never seen before. It is a statement piece with its 44 mm without crown diameter and a very unique crown clasp, which protects not only the watch it adds to its modish refreshing design. It is a watch meant to walk the walk. 

You will get a sense of supreme confidence when you strap this watch around your wrist. It is a watch that its beauty gets better with time. In every look at it, you will discover endless details. 6 diamonds on it and its Roman numerals. The 20 jewels inside the mechanism insure for a lasting experience. This is a creative and intuitive design paired with the German excellent engineering will leave a lasting impression on anyone that will see it on you. Not only you but all your peers, can't help but fall in love with this rare timepiece. As with all the other Theorema watches, this is a watch made for men. A gentlemen's brand with real big watches that have a strong message to convey.  

The Made in Germany Newton Theorema collection comes in 10 different variations. Theorema wants to please everyone and cares about their different tastes. That is why it is offering such a wide variety of combinations of colors. The genuine leather strap versus the stainless steel band, it is up to you which one to pick. Theorema named this masterpiece after the excellent work of 
Sir Isaac Newton. It wasNewton's Laws of Motionthat inspired this collection. Indeed, it is the motion of your wrist that will give life to your watch. 





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