The Ultimate Watch Gift Guide for A Watch Lover in 2023

The Ultimate Watch Gift Guide for A Watch Lover in 2023


Here’s the truth – it’ssuperhard to find the perfect gift for watch lovers. Why? Because odds are they already have the perfect watch for their preferences or needs sitting on their wrists!

However, just because someone in your life loves watches and already has one or more timepieces sitting on their desks doesn’t mean you can’t get them a great gift for their birthday or an upcoming holiday. In fact, there are tons of great gifts for watch lovers out there – you just have to know where to look.

If you don’t have any good watch gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Below, you'll find not only a list of great watches to give timekeepers in your life. You'll also find plenty of watch-related accessories they're sure to love.

A New Watch

Of course, you can always give a watch lover a watch as a gift! Not sure where to find the best watches as gifts?

Tufina's watchmaking tradition has lasted for over 180 years – if you want to get the timepiece lover in your life an excellent watch that will last for years to come and look great at the same time, consider one of these best-selling Tufina watches. These masculine watches are particularly nice gifts for men watch enthusiasts.

Helsinki Theorema GM-115-4


The Helsinki Theorema GM-115-4 is just shy of $300 and offers an aesthetic blend that combines classic style and modern elegance in a single package. Featuring both Roman and Arabic numerals, it's an excellent watch for timepiece connoisseurs who like modernity that pays proper respect to old watch designs. 

Newton Theorema GM-4004-6


The Newton Theorema GM-4004-6 is an exquisite watch model that features a beautiful gold face and Roman numerals. It also includes a stainless steel bracelet, so it will last for a long time to come and be resistant to corrosive damage.

San Francisco Theorema GM-116-2

The San Francisco Theorema line of watches is perhaps best represented by the GM-116-2 model, which is a skeleton watch made in handmade batches. Only a few were ever created, so grab one for the watch lover in your life before they are all gone!

Miami PionierGM-506-13

The Miami Pionier GM-506-13 is a sleek, well-designed, and mechanical watch that's perfect for the athlete in your life. Pick up for its unique aesthetic and its stainless steel strap that will resist corrosive damage for a long time to come.

Geneva Automatic Tourbillion PionierGM-902-2

Tufina’s Geneva Automatic Tourbillon Pionier GM-902-2 is another limited-edition watch with distinct features and bold and unique numerals. It offers a sapphire glass lens and an Italian leather band for added elegance and perfect complementarity with nice clothes.

Zurich Tourbillon Theorema Gm-901-5

Pick up this handmade German watch featuring a black leather band and black rim for watch lovers who prefer a more serious style. It also has a complex, well-detailed sapphire glass face and interior.

ChicagoP7002-4 Automatic Diamonds Pionier Germany

This automatic watch comes with a leather wristband, a gold rim, and black and gold details inside an elegantly crafted watch face holding multiple timepieces in a single watch apparatus. Multiple controls allow timekeepers who prefer precision to keep their time as accurately as they like.

San Francisco Theorema GM-116-5

Tufina's handmade San Francisco watch has a beautiful, black-banded rim, which creates a striking contrast between the mirrorlike interior and golden hands. It's often sold at a discount for those looking for an affordable gift for watch lovers in their lives.

Chicago P7002-2 Automatic Diamonds Pionier Germany

Try this Chicago line watch from Tufina, which offers a beautiful silver rim combined with a black leather band for a cool, masculine aesthetic perfect for any occasion. The gold and black interior and sapphire glass provide additional elegance for men who want to feel like kings.

Zurich Tourbillon TheoremaGM-901-3

This handmade German watch has a complex and intricate face featuring gold, stainless steel, and artful designs sure to catch the eye and be appreciated by any watch fan. Its authentic Italian leather band adds additional value for money and makes it a great choice for pairing with other fancy clothing.

San Francisco Theorema GM-116-3

This last watch is another of the San Francisco Theorema line. It features an elegant and eye-catching aesthetic with a gold rim and polished interior for a mirror like shine. It’s a mechanical watch, too, so it’ll keep time consistently for years to come.

A Watch Book

Full-on timepieces aren’t the only suitable watch gifts for watch lovers in your family or friend circle. We’d also recommend a few popular watch books. Here are some great titles to check out:

A Man and His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them

The Wristwatch Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches

The Watch Book

The Watch – Thoroughly Revised

100+ No BS Watch Tips for Watch Enthusiasts & Salespeople

Sea Time: Watches Inspired by Sailing, Yachting, and Diving

Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector

Each of these either deals directly with a history of certain watch brands (or watchmaking in general) or provides valuable advice that watch lovers would be smart to use in their timepiece purchasing and maintenance.

Check out each of the above titles for more information… or just buy them all!

A Limited Edition Graphite Poster

Consider getting someone who loves timepieces a Limited edition graphite poster of a watch, preferably one with a design or brand they appreciate. For example, if they really love the craftsmanship of Tufina watches, you can get a limited-edition and numbered poster of a Tufina watch delivered straight to their door.

For added appreciation, consider purchasing a poster and framing it for the gift recipient. That way, they can put it on their desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else that is convenient right after unwrapping the gift! Plus, you’ll prevent the poster from becoming damaged.

A Watch Repair Kit

Even the best watches break down from time to time. Get your watch-loving friend a watch repair kit and you’ll save them tons of money over the years in repairs. Be aware – only folks with steady hands should use watch repair kits, and some self-repairs void warranties that come with certain timepieces.

A New Strap

Every watch’s strap eventually wears down over time. You can take care of this errand and show a watch lover in your life that you care by getting them a new strap for their timepiece.

But it's important to think about the strap you purchase carefully because the strap can significantly affect the look of the watch overall. For example, if you want to replace a metal strap for your friend or family member, get another metal strap so the aesthetic of the watch doesn't change dramatically. The same holds true if you need to replace a leather strap or nato strap.

If your friend or family member's strap doesn't currently need to be replaced, you can still get them a new strap in a different color or aesthetic style. That way, they can wear the same watch on multiple occasions but the timepiece will fit different looks or clothing sets. More accessory versatility is always a good thing, especially for men (who frequently only have one or two watches unless they are collectors).

A Holiday Watch

Sometimes, a favorite or fancy watch isn’t the right call for a vacation or holiday travel. If you want to keep your regular watch safe, a holiday watch is the way to go. Do your friend or family member a favor and get them a holiday watch so they don’t have to splurge.

For the best results, go with a mechanical, sturdy watch with automatic movement. The more outdoorsy or adventurous a holiday vacation will be, the more durable the watch you purchase should be as well.

A Magnificent Desk Clock


Watches aren’t the only way to keep time. Give the watch lover in your life a desk clock to show you know about their hobby without trying to edge your way in and replace their favorite wristwatch.

A Watch Safe with Integrated Winders

Whether you want to treat yourself or pick up a gift for another watch lover you know, consider purchasing a watch safe with integrated winders. A watch safe is the perfect gift for watch collectors since it provides a secure place to store your watches without leaving them open to burglary.

Additionally, a safe with integrated winders will keep your watches in tip-top condition and accurately take away time no matter how often you use them. These can be a bit pricey, but they are well worth it in the long run, especially as a watch collection grows.

A Handmade Watch Winder

By the same token, you can get a handmade watch winder as a gift for a watch enthusiast. Handmade watch winders are ideal for watch lovers that appreciate craftsmanship and who usually try to purchase handmade watches whenever possible.

The best handmade watch winders will be as reliable and efficient as automatic ones, but they'll have a little extra love put into their design and construction, resulting in silent operation and excellent consistency. Some of the best are also made of delightful materials like wood.

A Cool Leather Travel Watch Case

Want to take a few different watches with you on vacation, but don’t want to risk them getting dinged up by other travel gear? Pick up a slick leather travel watch case to store a few different watches at once. These are perfect for tucking away in your backpack or suitcase without having to put a bunch of padding around the timepieces themselves.

An Attractive Wooden Watch Box

Alternatively, you can get yourself or another person an attractive wooden watch box. Wooden watch boxes are excellent display pieces for placing on nightstands or bookshelves in the bedroom. The best ones will include a key or some other locking mechanism, however, to prevent the watches from being stolen too easily.

A Watch Demagnetizer



Any timepiece enthusiast already knows that he or she should keep their watches away from strong magnetic fields. But if you can't avoid it, you can always pick up a portable watch demagnetizer. These devices only need to be plugged into a standard outlet and they can quickly eliminate magnetic fields around your favorite watches.

This is a great choice for watch collectors that work in areas where magnetic fields are common, like certain scientific laboratories or construction jobs. This is also a great gift since it’ll prevent you from having to take your watch to a repair shop and pay a hefty fee.

A Watch Pouch




For a stylish and portable way to travel with your watch without exposing it to the elements, pick up a soft and affordable watch pouch. Watch patches can be purchased in materials like suede leather or microfiber cloth.

We recommend getting a pouch with excellent materials, as they will prevent dust particles or scratches from occurring on your watch’s face more reliably. This gift for watch lovers is also ideal if you’re on a budget.

A Watch Roll

Watch rolls are complementary storage accessories you can combine with patches, cases, or even safes. Watch rolls protect watches from wear and tear and are particularly good if you’re getting a gift for a watch lover who has an antique or fragile timepiece they don’t want to be scratchedat all. Keep in mind that most watch rolls come in packs of five or so.

Personal Watch Timer Tester

A watch lover can't stand it when their timepiece is slightly out of sync. Save them a headache and pick up a personal watch time tester, which is a basic mechanical device you can use in conjunction with a computer or smartphone. It allows watch enthusiasts to check their timepiece's amplitude and even see how much the watch deviates each day.

For watch fans that love having perfectly accurate timepieces on their wrists, you can’t give a better gift than this.

Marathon Watch Clip-On Wrist Compass

The Clip Compass from Marathon is the perfect watch accessory for watch lovers that love to take their timepieces on adventurous or outdoor vacations. It’s a small, clip-on device that can be combined with the majority of watches out there, and it features a glow-in-the-dark rotating bezel so the wearer can easily see the time, even in lowlight conditions.

The compass overall is lightweight and compact and is durable against inclement weather or dust and debris. Overall, it’s the perfect watch gift for watch enthusiasts who also enjoy the outdoors.


As you can see, there are lots of fun gifts for watch lovers you can pick up either for yourself or for someone you love. Bookmark this list and keep it in mind – there are tons of watch gifts here you can keep in your back pocket for upcoming birthdays, holidays, or spur of the moment presents!

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