The romance of automatic watches

The romance of automatic watches

Automatic watches are marvels of engineering. The movement is purely made of mechanic parts. The effect of coolness lasts for a long time. These three factors should be enough to make any timepiece lover admire an automatic watch, but the romance has yet to start...

How does an automatic watch work? This is where the romance starts. The beginning of a relationship with your timepiece. The connection you feel with the smooth tick tick tick sound. An automatic watch is otherwise known as self-winding, because it is the movement of your wrist that gives life to it all. Even a little gesture from your hand will provide energy to run the watch through its rotor that by rotating in different degrees keeps the mainspring wound at all times. 

Automatic watches are fun!

Whoever has owned an automatic watch can testify to it.

Automatic watches have character!

If you ever have doubts about it, look at the large spectrum of designs automatic watches have to offer. 

Automatic watches are precious!

Knowing that there is no electricity nor battery involved and all the little cogs, gears, springs etc are cohabiting successfully and performing accurate timekeeping makes for a happy watch lover. 

We at Tufina value this symbolic relation that our customers can have with our watches. It is very satisfying to read messages from customers that find our master automatic watches very appealing. At the end automatic watches are just a great investment. 

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