The ideal Father’s Day gift: A Tufina Watch

The ideal Father’s Day gift: A Tufina Watch

How important and loved fathers are!

One hundred years ago, when everything started, red and white roses were symbolic for this day. Nowadays the main reason behind the celebration of Father’s day is the gathering of the family and spending time all together.

Fathers have an indispensable place in the family, and this day is a celebration of his figure in the children's life. The first teacher in life is the father. The family pillar, the foundation of every step you take in life. On this memorable day for fathers we recall for an irrefutable fact: the father educates not only his child, but also the child of his own child. So, at least two generations. Father sets an era.

His heart is a masterpiece of nature and to celebrate this, we should forget about techno objects and give dad a very traditional gift – a gift that can stand any test of time, a classic one. We at Tufina remain loyal to the concept of originality closely related to the perfectly hand assembled work. The perfect combination of classic and modern, masculine features and delicate craftsmanship, makes Tufina watches the ideal gift for the Dad in your life.

When you gift a Tufina watch, you’re not simply gifting a perfect masterpiece, but also the history, the tradition, and the love for the watches through generations of devotion and hardships for 200 years.

Announcement:We care about dad's everywhere, which is why we thought to facilitate everybody trying to buy a gift for their dad.

A watch is a perfect gift for a loving dad.

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