The beauty of the Venezia speaks volume!

The beauty of the Venezia speaks volume!

Since the early 19th century watchmakers and watch designers have been obsessed with skeleton mechanical watches. The Made in Germany Venezia Theorema is a true demonstration of the watchmaker's skills. What the watchmaker is trying to tell you is their master capacity in engineering is of high grade. The craftsmanship in this particular timepiece applies both to the movement and the decoration of it. An extremely elaborate and beautiful showcased face on the Venezia Theorema will have you look at it for long periods of time. 

Venezia Theorema has a fancy facade. This distinct timepiece it's so because the machine is in itself the decoration. A full skeleton of this caliber can only impress purely on its own merits. The fascination of seeing hundreds of little pieces come to life and move without battery is what true watchmaking is all about. Mechanical watches like the Venezia are without any doubt the most provoking and engaging pieces in the history of watchmaking. The high end quality of the ornamentation of the design gives this watch an exceptional look. 

The Made in Germany Venezia Theorema is designed to be classy and modern. Theorema wanted to bring a very elegant and lightweight skeleton to the market. The in-house Theorema Germany movement with 17 ruby jewels and stainless steel components along a power reserve of almost 40 hours assures any wearer for a lasting timepiece. The cool feature in the Venezia is at 5 a'clock, which allows you to see how wind the watch is. You can see the spring tighten as you move the crown. The ornamental engravings on the bridges under the sapphire coated glass represent the many channels in the city of water. 

The hands on the watch are extremely well done. They are specially designed for this elegant watch. The blue steel design was intended to give it contrast to the background; and the illuminated triangles are to bring attention to the position of the hands. The milk genuine leather band wears so softly on your wrist. The band in itself is a statement because the design of it gives character to the piece in general. It is so easy to wind this timepiece that you can be wearing gloves and be able to wind. Such a smooth motion and movement. 

Front and back open concept. The ticking is going to get you addicted to it. Move the wrist to your ear and you will realize that you cannot stop hearing it.

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