With its wide boulevards, elegant architecture and rich European heritage, Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America.” Theorema is honoring the capital city of tango with this master timepiece. Photos often don't do a watch justice and the Made in Germany Buenos Aires Theorema is a perfect example. This is a limited edition, only 499 have been made. Paying tribute to one of the most beautiful cities in South America Theorema decided to add extra colors for the bands, white milk, rose, gold, black, silver... amazing colorful straps for one vibrant colorful city. 

The charm of this limited edition is in the details. The three small dials in the color of blue not only remind us of the beautiful Buenos Aires beaches also have a purpose. Sun & Moon Phase, Dual Time, and seconds. A mix between stick, Roman, and Arabic numbers add a unique identity to its face. The see-through mechanical skeleton will leave you impressed. Inside there are 18 jewels that smoothen the fractions of the movement. Tango is a vibrant and playful dance. At the heart of tango is the desire to listen to, understand and converse with the person you're dancing with. Look at this watch, listen to its exclusive sound, wind it gently and see all the gears inside dance with each other. Your hand movement will make the watch come to life and dance. 

On the wrist, this watch fits very comfortably. German engineering along with the careful hand assembly make for a combination of the perfect watch. There is a classical crown design in this wristwatch, but the rare part of it is the design around the crown. What a modish eccentric concept. The flag of Buenos Aires has an eagle spreading its wings, and that is what the design for the crown and cover significate. Yeah, it's serious stuff. If you want a thoroughly contemporary mechanical wristwatch that doesn't just look the part, this is it. If you want a different serious wristwatch that you can wear and enjoy every day, the Made in Germany Buenos Aires Theorema is the one for you. 






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