Skeleton Watch - The Definitive Guide | Tufina Official

Skeleton Watch - The Definitive Guide | Tufina Official

Luxury watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of which stand out uniquely among competing styles and brands. One of the most eye-catching timepiece types is the skeleton watch, due to the open-face design. The ability to see the inner workings of a chosen device sets skeleton watches apart from any other watch type. 

For individuals that appreciate hand-crafted technology, and want to make a statement, skeleton watches are the easy choice. They have distinct designs and intricate composition that initiates conversation, both about the style and the machinery that makes the watch keep impeccable time.

What Is A Skeleton Watch?


A skeleton watch, in essence, is a timepiece that has been stripped of unnecessary pieces that impair the view of the inner mechanisms. What makes skeleton watches unique is the specific attention given to making the inner workings visible during construction. 

The ability to see the intricate pieces of moving machinery makes skeleton watches desirable for individuals that appreciate the highly-involved work of watchmakers.

These watch types are also referred to as “openwork” watches or “bare-bones” watches, hence the now commonly used “skeleton” term.

The History of Skeleton Watches


The first skeleton-style watch was created by a French watchmaker by the name of André Charles Caron in the 1760s. He removed the dial on a pocket watch to allow customers to take a look at the inner machinery behind the watch’s function.

Though the style of skeletonized watches were not popular in that time period, Caron’s work led other watchmakers into being able to make thinner, sleeker watches which was accomplished by removing pieces that were not needed.

This mechanical breakthrough also led to the invention of wristwatches.

Tufina’s History with Skeleton Watches

The German brand Tufina was formed in 1828, and when it took up skeleton watch work, the company created attractive, high-end skeleton watches. Today, Tufina’s skeleton watches, namely the Theorema line, hybridize tradition and modern developments to create watches that are unlike anything else on the market.

Tufina watches are light, keep precise time, and display the superior craftsmanship that went into each watch’s creation.

The Elegance of A Mechanical Skeleton Watch


Tufina’s newest piece in the Theorema line is the mechanical see-through skeleton wristwatch Toronto (released in August 2018). The elegant aesthetic attracts individuals with an eye for art and rare mechanical craftsmanship.

Additionally, the newest piece is user-friendly when it comes to keeping time. It’s a simple process of setting the time, winding the watch, and letting the power reserve take care of the rest.

Wearers can appreciate the complex mechanical movements from both the front and back of the timepiece. The open face displays all of the small, intricate pieces of machinery that went into the creation of a precise, elegant watch.

The shape and round finish of the watch makes it smooth to wear, meaning it will not catch on clothes or other objects the wrist touches. In addition to the shape, the 17 rubies within the mechanism add charm and make it to where the watch compliments practically any outfit.

Tufina’s Theorema line focuses on both style and substance, and in addition to presenting watches that are visually-appealing, the company takes pride in creating the highest-quality skeleton watches that maintain the ability for easy reading in addition to showing off the inner workings of the piece. This feature is something many other skeleton watch brands have failed to accomplish.

Things To Know About Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches have a long history, though the style did not become popular until a few decades ago when watchmakers shed more light on the intricate details of the inner workings in their timepieces. This move not only allowed watch connoisseurs to appreciate the construction that went into the pieces they wore, but also brought forth a tribute to the history behind the skeleton watch.

On top of keeping time, best men’s skeleton watches provide an excellent conversation starter. Wearers can discuss the story behind their watch, as well as pointing out all of the quality details they’re displaying on their wrist.

These small details are a big part of what makes skeleton watches highly desirable.

Why Should You Buy A Skeleton Watch?

If you’re interested in a timepiece that is about both style and substance, you want a skeleton watch. Skeleton watches turn functionality into a style. By displaying the gears, bridges, and wheels that keep track of time on your wrist, you’re investing in a gentleman’s timepiece.

Anybody can wear an ordinary watch, and while it will tell time without much difficulty, a standard watch does not make the same type of statement that a high-quality men’s skeleton watch does.

These pieces are luxurious and functional enough to run for nearly two days after a single winding. They’re ideal for the busy, yet stylish man. On top of the convenience, a wearer can take pride in wearing a timepiece that doesn’t negatively impact the environment, due to the lack of battery.

There are a variety of different style choices that allow wearers to choose the shape, size, metallic construction, color, and strap design. Each feature helps the wearer fine-tune their timepiece to fit their own unique style.

Any one of Tufina’s best skeleton watches can be worn for practically any occasion whether formal or informal.

If you’re looking for a watch that accomplishes all of the following tasks with a single piece, a skeleton watch is the perfect choice.

  • Displays your watch’s high-end intricate mechanical movement.

The inner mechanisms of a timepiece are part of what makes it so unique, so why not display these features? Hundreds of small pieces working in perfect harmony is something to behold, and for some, it is just as worthy of front and center attention as the watch’s outer design. People who appreciate skeleton watches like the idea of showing open access to over 200 years of history when others look at their timepieces.

  • Starts a conversation.

Like-minded individuals are drawn to a classy device. Wearing a skeleton watch can help generate conversation around the topic of timepieces and style. People are accustomed to seeing watches, even in the time of digital timekeeping, but a skeleton watch inspires a specific type of talk.

  • Looks and feels like a luxury.

Most wearers appreciate the feel of a skeleton watch. They’re expertly-crafted and they feel expensive to wear without breaking the bank. They’re designed to be both top-of-the-line and affordable. In addition to feeling like the high-quality items they are, a skeleton watch is eye-catching and impressive. People will notice it.

  • Presents a relationship with the timepiece.

Because mechanical skeleton watches have to be wound, they need their wearer to power them. In a sense, the wearer brings the timepiece to life by remembering to dedicate time to the winding. Winding the watch becomes a part of the wearer’s routine and in this way, they’re giving time in order to receive time. Hence, the wearer creates a relationship with the watch.

Considerations Before You Buy A Skeleton Watch

First and foremost, not all skeleton watches are created equal. Some brands mass-produce cheap skeleton watches, then sell them for far more than what they’re worth. The movements within the machinery are slow and imprecise, while the outer appearance of the watch is generally cheap and low-quality.

If you want a skeleton watch that is going to withstand the test of time, it’s in your best interest to shop carefully. A high-quality skeleton face watch will consist of several mechanical layers.

Because a quality watch is often hand-assembled, each piece of machinery beyond the face showcases the best features of human craftsmanship. While there are tasks a machine can complete better than a human, watchmaking is not one of them.

For individuals searching for a high-end skeleton watch, Tufina’s Pionier or Theorema lines are worth using as an example of fine, high-end skeleton watches.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying A Unique Skeleton Watch

A skeleton watch does not come in a “one-size-fits-all” arrangement. Browsing skeleton watch brands will point out the fact that these watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

Ask yourself the following questions ahead of time to make narrowing down a decision a little easier. 

  1. How much machinery do you want to see?

Skeleton watches come in several styles, and as such, some styles show more of the watch’s inner workings than others.

  1. What type of movement do you want?
    Certain skeleton watches have their focus on different aspects of the machinery within the timepiece. If you’d like more of the slow, swishing movement seen in watch mechanisms, you’ll want to pick a watch that emphasizes it rather than the ticking of cogs.
  2. What metal color do you prefer?
    Skeleton watches have several metal types and colors available, depending on the watch model you’re looking at. If you have a preference, look for a model that comes in the color you desire.
  3. Where do you plan on wearing your watch most of the time?
    Though skeleton watches can be worn anywhere, some styles are better designed for the “low-key” professional setting, while others are more glamorous and designed for formal occasions.
  4. What budget do you want to stay within?
    While it’s inadvisable to look for a cheap skeleton watch for sale, it’s understandable to have a budget in mind. Think about the price you want to invest in a watch and shop within those means to keep from becoming overwhelmed at the choices available.

Top 10 Skeleton Watches from Tufina Watch

For some shopping ideas, take a look at ten of the highest-rated skeleton watches from Tufina.

This polished, clean white watch is a great statement piece when a wearer wants to stand out among other darker leather bands. The lens is sapphire-coated and the inner machinery contains jewels within. The face time is displayed in Roman numerals for an additionally classy appearance.

The Zurich Tourbillon variety comes in several metallic types including the popular silver color. This watch keeps dual time with sun and moon phases, has a sapphire glass lens, genuine Italian leather strap, and contains 20 jewels in the inner mechanism.

This watch combines modern technology with traditional style. The Buenos Aires skeleton watch comes in several metal selections, one of the most popular being the rose model. It has a sapphire-coated lens and 18 jewels in the mechanism. It’s a beautiful dual-time piece.


This automatic skeleton watch type is designed to make the most out of its open face. The inner machinery is clearly visible and the gold metal gives the piece an added touch of elegance. The lens is sapphire-coated and has 20 jewels within the mechanism.

The Oslo style embraces a timeless look, adding to it with the use of Roman numerals on the watch’s face. This is a skeleton automatic watch piece, has eye-catching color contrasts, a sapphire-coated lens, and 22 jewels in the inner mechanism.

This Kingston watch embraces more of a modern take on timepiece design, utilizing a numbered face and solid black case. This is an automatic skeleton watch, and keeps track of the date, day, sun, and moon phases. Its lens is sapphire-coated and the inner mechanism contains 35 jewels.


7. MARCO POLO GM-3005-A3
This Marco Polo model is another sophisticated dark-colored watch. The band, the case, and the inner surfaces have a sleek black and white contrast. In addition, the watch uses both standard numbers and roman numerals on the face. It keeps track of the date, day, and month as well, perfect for the highly-organized individual.

This Helsinki watch is affordably-priced but does not skimp on style or quality. The gold casing contrasting with the black rim and bright inner machinery make it a statement timepiece. The lens is sapphire-coated and the inner machinery contains 22 jewels.

The Toronto model is a little more on the subtle side of skeleton watch styles, adhering more closely to traditional watch styles than other models. It’s a mechanical timepiece with 17 jewels in the machinery and presents as a sleek, simple watch. Amazing stainless steel metal bracelet.

The Damascus diamond watch is designed with boldness in mind. It’s a luxurious automatic timepiece containing 35 jewels and a range of sizing options when it comes to the diamond within the index dials. The metallic style adds a modern touch to a classic watch style.



When shopping around and considering whether a skeleton watch is right for the browsing individual, questions may arise. This is understandable due to the fact that, depending on your budget, you’re making a significant investment. When buying a skeleton watch, it’s a good idea to ask questions and research products to ensure you’re choosing the right timepiece.

These are among the most common shopper questions, and their answers.

Are skeleton watches expensive?

Skeleton watches vary in price, ranging from around $200 to several thousand dollars. Depending on the specific details of the skeleton watch chosen, the price will vary. It’s reasonable to expect that almost any budget can afford a high-quality skeleton watch.

What are the different names for skeleton watches?

Skeleton watches have a couple of alternative names, though these alternatives tend to have more specific identifying details.

For example, an “open-face” watch is similar to a skeleton watch in that the inner workings are visible. However, open-face watches tend to lack the stylish details seen in standard skeleton watches.

An open-heart watch is much like an open-face watch, but the opening tends to be smaller. This allows for visibility of the inner watch pieces without removing enough to make the watch difficult to read.

A bare bones watch refers to the type of watch that has unnecessary pieces removed. This term is often used interchangeably with “skeleton” watch.

How do skeleton watches work?

Skeleton watches work in much the same way as any other watch. They come in both automatic and mechanical subtypes, and they have all the same components that watches need in order to function.

The only difference is the appearance. Skeleton watches have some portion of the dial removed to allow the visibility of the working machinery.

Are skeleton watches worth the cost?

The short answer is yes. If shoppers purchase their skeleton watch from a reputable, high-quality company, and take care of the timepiece, it will last for a significant length of time and work perfectly.

To help make the buying decision easier, take a look at the reputation of the company you’re considering. It’s always wise to purchase a skeleton watch from a company that has a history of selling high-quality products.

No matter which model of skeleton watch you intend to buy, if you’ve ever asked where to buy cool skeleton watches, then choosing a Tufina watch is sure to be a worthwhile investment for a bold, statement-making timepiece.

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